ok...so mixed responses

  • I have heard many, many things about biter biscuits (the teething/learning to self-feed cookies)  I have heard that there is a very good chance of my baby coking, because they get soggy to quick.  I have also heard that babies can shove like the whole thing down thier throat and choke, you get the idea...bad stuff.  I have also heard that they are like the greatest thing ever.  They teach self-feeding  faster than with the puffs,  because they are bigger.  I am kind of leary about giving them to my 7 month old daughter.

  • Biter biscuits are great for kids learning to self-feed. They are nutritious and taste great; however, I would wait until your baby is 10 months old. Supervision is always required when your baby is eating because choking is a risk when anything goes into your baby's mouth. Hope this helps!

  • I agree that 7 months is too young for biter biscuits. PediNurse is on the money with her advice.

  • I never liked the biter biscuits personally, I preferred to stick with puffs and Cheerios for first time finger foods. Then as they got a bit older, I let them practice self feeding with steamed peas and corn. When they were about 10-12 months old, I would let them eat small pieces of bread, chicken etc.. But PediNurse is right, all babies should be supervised for choking. Monitor your baby closely to determine if they are handling their food appropriately. Many babies like to shove tons of puffs in their mouths at one time, which makes them dangerous as well. Good luck.