Cereal Types

  • I am considering giving my boy cereal and am wondering if anyone has any suggestions on which type(s) or brand(s) I should use. Please advise

  • It is best to start with rice cereal made for infants. This is due to the low risk of allergy. As for the brand, that is really a personal choice. We always used Gerber, but I think it was the only cereal brand offered at the store we shopped at.

  • thanks baby nurse!!
  • You are so welcome! Smile

  • I agree about the rice cereal and I also used Gerber.  I had a couple other options, but I guess I chose Gerber because of the positive reputation.

  • Another great food similar to rice cereal is the gerber puffs (also sold by walmart for cheaper). My daughter loves them, they are about as difficult as rice cereal to eat, but come in many flavors and can be carried anywhere (bring a drink too though, they can make your baby very thirsty after awhile).

  • I, too, am a Gerber mommy. But I later switched to Earth's Best Organics because some of their cereal varieties had more fiber in them, which my pedi recommended for my daughter's constipation issues.

  • Start with Rice cereal, there is another brand that Walmart also carries, something like Natures Way or Natures Best. Cheaper than Gerber brand. They also make baby food too. I started with rice, then moved to oatmeal, barley, and then mixed grain. My daughter did not like the rice cereal after a while and then didn;t want any plain cereal after a while. Once she started feeding herself finger foods most hopes of feeding her cereal went out the window. She didn;t want to be spoon fed anymore. The joys of children!  

    I also use Parents Choice puffs as there are more nutrients listed (vitamins/minerals) than the Gerber ones. Wierd, I know. Best to start cereal at 4-6 months, i waited till 6 months. My daughter liked it thicker right away, easier for her to eat. She was in stage 3 foods by the time she was 9 months. I just make sure her foods were soft and chopped small. I added cereal to most of her jarred fruits and veggies becuase after a while she hated the cereal plain.