My baby had stopped breastfeeding just after 2 days..pls help

  • Hello moms-

    I was just wondering if some of you have encountered the problem that I am having. When we were at the hospital, my baby stayed at the nursery during the night and all day he was with me and I breastfed. He was really good at latching on and sucking. After 4 days of being at the hospital, we finally brought him home and I did the same routine which is bottlefeed him at night and breastfeed during the day. After 2 days, now he didn't want to breastfeed anymore, but would still drink the milk that I pump daily. Is there a way to regain his feeding ways? I just feel that breastfeeding is more convenient since it is easily accessible than having to warm up the formula which then gives him time to cry a little bit. Having had c-section it is hard to get around during the way when I am taking care of the baby by myself.

    Please advise.

  • Your baby has probably decided that it is easier to eat from a bottle than to work on breastfeeding. Even so, there are ways to encourage your baby to nurse. You can contact the local La leche league in your area to see if they have breastfeeding groups you can attend or if they have a lactation consultant in your area who can see you. Also, talk to your pediatrician and let her know your difficulties.

    In addition, you can buy something called a "nipple shield" at your local drugstore. These shields are made by Medella and look like little silicone pasties ( you can find them in the breastfeeding supply aisle by the baby section for about $5). They are made to wear over your nipples and they give the baby something "solid" to latch onto that feels like a bottle nipple. Once your baby is good at nursing with the shields, you can begin to wean him off of them after a few weeks. He will know that "you" are where he gets his milk from and it will be easy to stop using the shields after a few weeks.

    I had the same problem with my oldest and the shields worked great!

  • B'coz of c-section you fed the expressed milk. But now I think you should be fine. Try to breastfeed always. As your baby is finding easy to drink from bottle he is liking that. But don't habituate that, otherwise he will lose interest in breastfeeding. Even during nights get up and breastfeed. Once you habituate this, it will be easy for you. All the best!