Engorgement and bottle feeding

  • I'm new here and so hello everyone! A little about me is that I have a 5 day old little girl, and I am not breastfeeding-due to my own personal choice, and when I tell people this, they discriminate against me and yell at me for not breastfeeding, but anyways, I had a question:


    I have a 5 day old precious little girl who I had on 10/29/2009. My breasts hurt and they are hard and so I bought some cabbage leaves and have been putting a good size leaf in my bra over my nipple and the breast to releive some of the pain, and take ibuprofen or tylenol, but it doesnt seem to be working, and my back hurts really bad.


    Does anyone have any tips that helped you out? Remember that I'm not breastfeeding or even pumping at all due to my own personal choice.


    Thank you so much everyone for your help. I'm excited to see your answers.


  • Congratulations and welcome to the site... I am of little or no help on this topic, but I want to commend you for being independent and not listening to those who get mad at you for not nursing. It is a very personal decision, and nobody should judge how a mother wishes to raise her child.

  • Try a heating pad...this seems to work wonders. If the pain is still pretty bad, talk with your OB and see if she has any suggestions. Keep hydrated and monitor for fevers. When in the shower, avoid direct contact on your breasts with the shooting water, as this will increase pain.
  • Hello, my nake is Courtney and I'm new, too.  My advice would be to buy frozen bags of corn and peas and apply them to your chest until thawed then wait a few hours and do it again (over and over all day if you would like!).  It does help and the engorgment will go down in a few more days.