help with breastfeeding

  • i have a little over a 3 week old son, while i was in the hospital he was a pro at breastfeeding, well we had to introduce a bottle only 1 ounce 6 times after i breastfeed him cause he was jaundice and sick from carrying my antibodies my blood made... well the last day i was there he quit, every now and then i can get him to feed from me but he only stays there for a few minutes and then nothing, or he will fight with me, i am pumping but i dont get very much milk maybe 3 or 4 ounces a time , i willl be returning back to work soon and was hoping to have this fixed soon so i could still breast feed while working, but i am not sure what else to do ?

  • hi dear new mom, dont be tense about feeding your littleone. first calm yourself and start drinking enough water. continue pumping also. and start given breastmilk through bottle. offer your breast when he is calm and happy. you can also try this tip. that offer him breastmilk while someone can pour drops of milk on your breast near your baby mouth. as soon as he realize the fact that he is gaing something he will start more and more sucking

  • 3-4 ounces at a time is probably exactly what a 3 week old baby should be eating every 2-3 hours. If you are interested in promoting breastfeeding you can try to buy something called a Nipple Shield. You can find these little silicone pasties at any Target, Walmart or Walgreens. They fit over your nipple and give your baby something easy to latch on to. These shields are a great way to get your baby interested in nursing and help with making the transition from bottles. Once he is nursing well, you can attempt to wean him off the shields over a week or two. Talk to your pediatrician if you need more help!

  • what exactly are those? i would wear those while feeding him right? so would it give him the impression that he is feeding from a nipple on a bottle? 

  • Yes! You would wear them while feeding him. They look like a little silicone pastie that clings to your breast. It has a bottle nipple on it which the baby draws the milk into. It just gives him something to latch on to that is a bit easier. Once he is nursing full time with these you can begin to wean him off of them. They are not a long term solution, but they make a great short term solution. Use them for the next several weeks or month and by then, he should really understand that "you" are where he gets his milk from.

    Let me know if you have any problems finding them, but I know they sell them at Target in the baby aisle by the breastfeeding stuff. Medella makes them I believe and they are less than $5. One is all you need!!

  • thank you very much, i will check into it asap, and i will let u know if i have any trouble finding them