Snack time for a 8 month old

  • Help! I am a new mom. My son turned 8 months old on the 3rd. He has 4-5 bottles of formula per 24 hrs. He has 3 meals b,l,d...(2-3 servings of fruit or veg) along rice cereal for breakfast. I don't feel its necessary to give him a snack also. At day care/home he has a few Puffs and some water. When he is at my mother in laws she insists the he is starving and needs a am and afternoon snack. He never acts starving with us @ home or daycare.... I have said he doesn't need a snack and have put my foot down on giving puffs all day long. I am confused............Should he be having snack?

  • In my opinion, you are right. Feed him when he is hungry, and if he's not, then let him be. As for in-laws, grandparents tend to spoil children, so start getting used to it. It's their role to do so, so I wouldn't worry too much until your doctor says he is gaining too much weight.

  • i agree with just feeding when they are hungry, otherwise they will get the idea to eat all day. try again letting the grandparents know how you and your husband feel about the issue. let them know you understand how it was when they raised children and that you know thay want to spoil but they should never go against you and your husband. also if they are going to continue make sure you let them know you want only the puffs or cheerios, nothing to sweet or your little one will associate snack time with sweets and if your like me want to keep them away from sweets as long as possible. they will never miss what they have never tried.