help...son doesn't want breast anymore

  • I am a first time Mom.  My son is a little over 3 months and has been on breast milk since he was born.  He does get a formula bottle in the evenings before bed.  Tonight is the first time he didn't want the breast.  He just cried and cried...I feel so I was doing something wrong.  Does anyone have any suggestions on why he doesn't want breast  anymore??  HELP

  • My Daughter stop Breastfeeding after 2 months because she had  a Milk Protein Allergies. I had to try @ least three formula's before I could find the correct one. She is now on Alimentum. Check with his Pediatrician because he may have food Allergies also

  • I have a 4 month old girl who I have been only breast feeding.  Recently she would eat a little breast milk and just start screaming and I couldn't get her to latch on again.  I think I'm not producing enough milk anymore for her growing little body.  So I just started giving her formula bottles a couple of times a day.  This way she is getting enough to eat through the formula and when I do breast feed, my breasts are full of milk and she gets plenty to eat that way too.  Now I am giving her a bottle, then breastfeeding, then a bottle, then the breast, etc.  I switch back and forth.  I found that keeps her the most satisfied.

  • There may be  a few reasons why he isn't happy with the breast. You may have been too full..sometimes if your breast is too full, the baby has trouble latching on to the nipple. You may have not had enough milk at the time, or it wasn't letting down well for him. If this is the case, which it may be, you should breastfeed exclusively for a week or more and don't give him the bottle. You may have to breastfeed every 2-3 hours while your milk is increasing. Remember to drink plenty of water and if you are having lots of trouble, talk to your pediatrician or call your local la leche league for advise.

  • Dont be discouraged! Your son may just be going on a feeding strike.  I am a dietitian and mommy of a 10 month old.  A feeding strike is totally different than self-weaning!  like MommyRN stated, there may be one of many reasons that he simply didnt want your milk at this instance.  Have you changed your diet recently? worked out more than normal, especially prior to feeding?  Eaten a particularly gas producing or strong-flavored food?  For whatever reason, your milk may just not taste or smell normal to him right now.  Keep trying, and above all, relax.  He still loves you and needs you.  He just needs to get pass this little bump in the road. It may last a couple of days, but keep offering, and most likely he will come back full force!  Just remember why you started BF! Think of all those awesome benefits to both of you! :)

  • Mine is doing the same thing.  We thought at first that it was just a reaction to not enough milk, but now that we have a good supply, he still does this occassionally.  We found it happens for two reasons with him:


    1.  He is extra hungry and wants the instant gratification of the bottle instead of working a little harder at the breast

    2.  He has a lot of gas.  The quick, continuous flow from the bottle distracts him and gets the gastro-colic reflex going more quickly than nursing at the breast.


    As long as he's taking the breast most of the time, don't worry.  But some babies do make a choice eventually and refuse one or the other all the time.

  • I had this problem with my little girl. I found out that she was teething and it hurts the gums when she tried to latch on. She is currently still breastfeeding and she is almost 7 months old now. She does turn away from the breast on occassion.especially when I eat cole slaw. Make a mental note of what you are eating. Your son may not like it.