Breast to Bottle

  • To Moms who are having trouble finding the right bottle for your baby. Try the Breasflow Bottle made by First years. It is designed to be more like the breast and the baby controls how much comes from the bottle. My son is 4 months and he loves this bottle. We went thru Avent and Playtex nursers and found the Breastflow to be a winner!

    This set is about $16.99 for the gift set which is great you get 4 bottles/w lids a snack cup also with a lid and a cleaning brush. You can find this at Target and Burlington Baby depot. I'm sure most retailers sell them now.Smile

  • Thanks! That's really helpful. I had a patient today who was breastfeeding, but mom changed over to the bottle and this little guy refuses to suck on the bottle! I told mom to switch nipples/bottles, so I will def. fill mommy in on this one!