• Does anyone else have a preemie baby on here.?My daughter was born at 23 weeks and 3 days. She is now 19 weeks old with an adjusted age of 2 weeks 2 days. She has only been home for 1 week now. She is on oxygen. We use neosure formula for her. Does anyone one know how to get this formula at a good price? It is 15.99 for a small can of powder. I did sign up on the web site. I hope they will send me some coupons.

  • Wow 23wks??? Im sorry I really dont have any advice for you but I will keep you in my prayers for your little one. Keep your head up and be strong. May God have his angels around your little one always.

    1st time mom,



  • I am an NICU nurse and I also had a preemie on Neosure for 9 months.  I didn't find a great price on it, but it was only a little more than the regular similac.  I usually bought it at Kroger and used every coupon I could get my hands on.  If you really need help you may be able to get it through the WIC program in your state.  I know in TN the WIC formula is Goodstart, but you can get Neosure with an order from a pediatrician.  Good luck with your little one, and hope you are getting some sleep!

  • I am an NICU nurse and I also had a preemie of my own on Neosure for 9 months. I didn't find anyone with a great price, but you might look online at some of the baby product delivery places and check around. I always bought mine at Kroger and used every coupon I could find. If you qualify for WIC, you can usually get it with an order from your pediatrician even if the WIC formula is another brand. Best wishes to you and your family and hopefully you are able to get a little sleep here and there! Take care and congratulations.
  • Wow! 23 weeks is early. You've got yourself a little fighter. I can't help with the formula, but I wish you the best in taking care of such a special baby.

  • Wow, first congratulations!

    Second, I'm not sure how my wife found them - I think she registered like you did, but we would often get coupons in the mail. That together with things like sales, and buying the overstocked formula on clearance (rare but it happens, in this case at Target but other stores may do the same) we were usually able to get formula for our daughter without paying too much.

  • Yes, I had two premature babies!! My first is now almost 4 and she was born at 29 1/2 weeks and was only 2 pds 1.8 ounces. The second is now 11 weeks and was born at 33 1/2 weeks at 4 pds. 3 ounces. We used Neosure for our daughter now and actually (wish I had known it with my first) but because it is medically necessary for your daughter to be on formula, it is covered by our insurance company (we have Blue Cross). So please check with your insurance provider and all it takes is them to fax a form to your pediatrician. They fill it out and fax it back and save your receipts from the store and you send copies of your receipts in and within a few weeks are reimbursed.

    I hope that helps!!! I certainly wish someone would have told me with our first daughter as she had to be on high calorie formula her first year of life and it was very expensive. Best wishes and keeping your daughter in my prayers!!


  • I also have a daughter born at 23 wks 3 days - she is almost 6 months old (about 8 wks adjusted age) and is doing really well.  Fortunately the only thing we went home with was a monitor (which never alarms, thankfully.)

    I buy Neosure at Walmart ($14.99) and signed up for the coupons, which are $5 off.   Sometimes people will offer the coupons for free on Craigslist - you might check there.    I've not found it any less expensive than this elsewhere.

    Best of luck with your little girl!


  • BCBS of which state? I have Blue cross also and I also have 2 premie babies that needs to be on Neosure. But it seems my insurance does know what I'm talking about when I called them. Pls give me more info. Thanks

  • Check with your pedi, as well. They always have samples of some kind and are more than willing to give them to you every time you come in. Also take advantage of those coupons in the mail. Have you looked at warehouse stores, like BJ's or Costco? The types of formula they carry varies from region to region, and week to week in some cases, but the cost savings is pretty good if you can find it there.


  • Hi Ella913,

    I also use neosure my baby was born at 35 1/2 weeks the best price I have found is at Babies R Us you can get a case of the ready to feed (6 1qt bottles) for 44.00. It lasts about 2 weeks while they are eating between 2-4 oz a feeding. They generraly have in store coupons. hope that helps some.

  • WE bought most of ours at Walmart.Also ask at the Dr office, Sometimes they can get you free samples from the company rep

  • ask your pediatrician to make the neosure a prescription. Some times insurance will cover it.

    Also, if you qualify for WIC you can have your pediatrician write a note to them for Formula checks.

    I wish I had seen this. My oldest son was born at 30 weeks almost 4 years ago. We used Neosure for a year. I had 2 cases of formula that we just threw out because it had expired. Bummer!! 

    Keep in mind your LO will grow sooo fast on Neosure!

    Good Luck

  • my preemie is on neosure as well your state should have  a wic program where they provided free formula go to your local health deprtment and apply