breastfeeding disaster!!!!!

  • I have a three month old little girl .i started bottle feeding her because the doctors classifide her as "failure to thrive" she wasn't gaining weight .  i want to breast feed her still but every time i put here to the breast all she does is screem like i'm trying to murder here. i've been trying to pump milk so i don't dry up but i can only get a few drops at a time. idk what to do, i refuse to give up. but it's hard to pump like i'm supposed to because i'm gone most of the day and i live with all men so i can't just take the pump with me because i play taxi driver to all three of them all day long.  it takes me a week now to get 4oz of breast milk stored up to make one bottle. i feel like i'm alone in this battle . i contacted my towns lll leader and i havn't heard back from her yet. i plan on attending a meeting on the first saturday in january but i fear i may dry up by then. i would not have started giving her a bottle if she were gaining weight like she is supposed to because she wasn't getting enough milk from me. i took all the breastfeeding classes the hospital had to offer when i was pregnant and met with a lactation consultant in the hospital . i've done every little thing they had taught me to do to try to get things back on track but nothing works. if anyone has any suggestions please let me know. i feel like such a failure.

  • First of all...PLEASE don't feel like a failure. It sounds like you have done everything possible to provide the best for your little girl. If your doctor said that she isn't gaining enough weight, then by all means you have no choice but to give her the bottle. Formulas are great and they will provide all the nutrients and vitamins your baby needs to grow and develop properly. Go to the breastfeeding meetings and talk to your lactation nurse, but don't beat yourself up. Not all moms can breastfeed for a variety of reasons. The most important thing is that you enjoy your baby and that she gains enough weight to be healthy.

  • get the book abc's of breast feeding it is really informative also if you have a double pump they say that works better than a single dont give up i breast fed for 11months i just stopped. it was the best thing i ever did. keep trying

  • also try a nipple sheid this might make her think your a bottle i used on for 2 weeks then just took it away and everything went great

  • Please don't feel like you are a failure. This happened to me & we had to put him on Soy formula. We later found out at the babyfood stage that my son is highly allergic to the whey in milk. He is 3 1/2 and we now have to carry an epipen with us to prevent any severe reaction. Trust your little one's gut & don't force it.

  • We went through avery similar situation.  I did everything I could - lactation consultant visits, medicine to increase milk supply, etc.  From my own experience, I can say Baby may be fussing because she is used to getting quick, substantial amounts of milk from the bottle, but gets very little with lots of effort from the breast.  I'll bet, too, that your feelings of guilt and lack of privacy for pumping inhibits the milk production and letdown.  I, too, felt like a complete failure that I coudn't do something so "simple" as feed my baby.

    But friends helped me realize that the best thing I can do for my baby is love and enjoy him.  The struggle to breastfeed was making me so tense and stressed out that I wasn't enjoying my baby.   Feeding him had become a chore that was negatively affecting our relationship and the rest of my family.

    Yes, breastmilk is best, but thankfully there are some good  formula alternatives out there if breastfeeding isn't possile.  It sounds as if you have done all you can reasonably do.  I hope that it does work out for you but if it just doesn't, please don't feel guilty if you have to give it up.  Your baby has gotten all those early benefits that are so important.  Whether you continue from this point with bottle, breast, or combination, the most important thing is giving your baby a loving, nurturing environment to grow in.  The efforts you have put forth so far prove that you are a great mommy.

  • I go through periods of low milk when I've been ill or when I have an unusually long work week (I do minimum 14 hour days in film business), and the pump just does not keep my breast milk production up.

     At those times when I am low, my son gets a bottle, then I use my breast as pacifier.  The result is that my baby gets fed and happy, the sucking action makes my milk come back good and strong within two days, and he and I still get the closeness and comfort of the breast feeding as well.

    Give it a try.  Even if your milk does not pick up, it is some comfort and bonding that you both may appreciate.