• I have a preemie born at 34 weeks he is now 2 1/2 months and he only wants to eat 2 oz at each feeding but he eats every 2 hours. Any suggestions on how to stretch out time between his feedings and get him to eat more?

  • Talk to your doctor first. As a NICU nurse, I can tell you that some premie babies do much worse when they eat larger quantities of food. They have a tendency to get reflux and gas. If he is happy eating every 2 hours, I would talk to your doctor about ways to increase his feedings. If your doctor agrees, you can then try to stretch his feedings to 2.5 hours and see if he takes a bit more. If he is falling asleep after eating, you can try waking him up with a diaper change to see if he will take a little bit more. This may encourage him to go a bit longer.

  • I think each baby just makes their own feeding schedule. Don't compare him to "the books." My little girl is formula fed and for the first 4 months she insisted on eating every hour and a half! (during the day at least... she went longer at night.) I think your little man sounds like he's on his own little schedule, but if you're concerned, I would talk to your doctor about it.

  • My baby girl was born at 33 weeks.  She ate every two hours too, but now she is 4 months old and goes 3 - 4 hours between feeding.  It will get better just give hime time.

  • My first one was born at 35 weeks and did the exact same thing for a little while.  I started stretching out his feedings by 15 minutes every couple of days.  After a couple of weeks he was taking more formula and going 3-4 hours between feedings. 

  • I have preemie twins born at 35 weeks and they do the same thing. we talked about delaying the feeding a few minutes and seeing if they would take more but that backfired! They did not want to wait at all (one twin starts to stir about 10 min before feeding times) and one of them ate a few mL more but just ended up spitting up everywhere! I know it's not much fun to have no time between feedings but if that works for your little guy I would suggest sticking to it.

  • that happens n i am due may 9th with my first a lil girl

  • In the NICU, when the babies fall asleep while feeding, we would lightly flick the bottoms of their soles and they would start feeding again.

  • my son was born at 32 weeks, and he's 9 weeks old and eats 4oz...they eat as much as they need, he hardly ever spits up too, talk to your doc definitely, and trust in her/him

  • My boys were also born at 34 weeks and is now 2 months old.  One of the boys takes about 4 oz of formula, another one takes 3 oz of formula, and the other one takes about 2 oz of formula anywhere from 2-5hrs (usually it's about 2.5hrs to 3.5hrs).   The doctor said as long as they are growing then it's fine.  I'm really hoping tthe one drinking 2 oz will start drinking more as he get's older as he is the smallest one out of the three.

  • My second child was born at 35, almost 36 weeks, but considered a preemie.  He is 5 weeks old now and is eating between 3-4 oz during the day and 4 oz at night.  However, he is sleeping a little more in the day than at night, but we are trying to get him to sleep longer at night.  It's been a bit tough when he is only sleeping 2-3 hours at a time at night.  I also read Babywise, not breast feeding anymore though, and it stated to try to wake them every 3 hours in the day and keeping them up more in the day if possible.  However, he wakes on his own in the day before the 3 hour window is up.  The night sleep is what we are struggling with right now.  My son was very small when he came home, 5lbs 9 oz, and so he's playing catch up right now.  I am due to go back to work on June 1st so I'm hoping he will turn it around in the next week and start stretching out his sleep patterns.  Good luck to you and I guess we all know that it's just going to take's definitely different than the first child I had who was sleeping through the night at 10 weeks! Big Smile

  • My daughter was born at 35 weeks and is now 3 months old, weighing in at 11lbs 3oz (was 5lbs 5oz at birth)  I was relieved to see your post that you have a baby only eating small amounts. I know for a premie 3 months old is more like 2 months, but she only eats 3oz and  will go 3-4 hrs between feedings and sometimes 5hrs at night! Her little tummy just growls and gurgles like she is starving sometimes tho' Does your son's tummy do that too? I've tried feeding her when she isnt 'asking' to eat (sucking on her hands, rooting, or the I'M HUNGRY cry) and she isnt interested at all. My Dr. says the same long as she is growing, blah blah blah...but it is disconcerning when I read all the other posts about 2 and 3 month olds eating 5 and 6 oz's...

  • Hi Redcap3,

    My son is almost 2 months old now and he only eats between 3-4 oz in the day and sometimes 5 oz at night, depends on if he has gone 4 hours without eating.  I know he's gaining weight so I don't worry about it.  However, there are days when he wants to eat every 2 hours.  I'm assuming this is considered a growth spurt for him, but who knows.  I just try to hold him out if possible with a pacifier.  Every baby is different and that's what I'm going off of these long as I know he's gaining I'm going to go with it.  My son's tummy does gurgle and growl, but most of the time after that happens he has gas or poops.  He surprisingly takes the pacifier well, which I will wean him from it later on.  Premie's require more and I am just going with the flow right now.  Does your son spit up a lot?