feeding and sleeping cycles

  • I have been trying to get my daughter, who just turned 8 weeks to sleep more through the night.  At first she seems to wake up as soon as her music turns off, but after about midnight she sleeps better.  I have just started last week and I have been trying three hour feeding cycles.  I'm just not sure if during the night I should be letting her sleep until she wakes naturally to eat, or if I should be sticking to the three hours then as well. I read that I could also try a four hour feeding cycle, but have heard that weight depends on that as well.  Does anybody have any idea on how I can improve my method?

  • Talk to your doctor before you change her schedule, but if you are not concerned with her weight...you could begin to let her sleep at night until she wakes up. Then be sure to feed her at 3-4 hour intervals throughout the day. She may surprise you and sleep for 5-6 hours in a row!

  • My 10 week old is also on a 3 hour feeding schedule - definitely let them awake naturally - they know when they're hungry.  She sleeps anywhere between 6 & 8 hours per night and is just fine without eating until she is awake.

  • I have been reading On becoming BabyWise and I they definitely reccomend every 3 hour feeding cycles during the day and wake up naturally after last feeding of evening. This helps them organized day and night. I highly recc this book, it has already helped me a lot with my second son who is now almost 8 weeks old and starting to sleep for 5-6 hr stretches at night.

  • I have been having the same issues!!  I need help!!! First time mom....my son is 3 weeks old. He is sleeping more throughout the days and nights. Im told not to wake him to feed.  To let him wake up on his own. Problem is that my breast get huge and painful!! I do pump a bit (1oz) everytime before I feed him because my let down is very strong and it tends to choke him. I dont know how to fix the supply and demand issue! What do i do? Please HELP? He is peeing and pooping normal. He does get some gas...dont know if its cause he fights me so much when we initial start the feeding process or what. Any help or advice would be great!!

  • I had the same problem with my daughter, she is now 3 weeks old. I have learn that baby's grow as they sleep so they need to sleep. They will wake up when they are hungry.My daughter will sleep 5 hours through the day, but not sleeping at night finally she has a schedule during the day all by herself is not the best, but i now know when she is going to eat so that i can be ready. At night time just let her sleep so that she could distinguish nigh and day it may take time, but it will all come. keep checking her once in a while at night may not hurt at lest you will get a better sleep, you should also talk to her pediatrician for more ideas.
  • Breastfeeding works on supply and demand. The more your baby eats and the longer your baby eats, the more your body makes.  As your baby grows, he will begin to sleep longer throughout the night, but he will want to eat more. The way he regulates this is by sleeping longer at night and then eating for a longer time or completely "draining" your breasts when he does wake up. At first your breasts will full very full and you may need to pump a little off to ease the discomfort, but don't get into the habit of pumping before every feeding...otherwise you are telling your body to keep making more food. If you are still uncertain about how the supply and demand works, talk to your doctor. As your baby gets older, he should be able to nurse by himself and you should not need to pump. Also, you may feel full for the first day or two while your milk is adjusting to his new schedule, but after that your body will adjust. Hope this helps a bit

  • I let my son sleep longer between feedings. Sometimes he sleeps 5 hours during the day then he started sleepin longer at night between feedings.

  • My 4 week old has had a couple of nights where she slept 7 hours!  I don't wake her if she will do that, let's let her know when it is night time!  If she needs to have a couple of 2 oz. snack in the morning time to make up for a missed feeding, I'm okay with that!  She typically eats every 4 hours, but the last couple of days has been wanting to eat every 3 to 4 hours, it seems like every 3 hours during the day and every 4 hours at night.  I remember the doc saying to wake her up to eat every 3 to 4 hours, but I disagree with that from the hours of 11pm - 6am...if she will sleep I let her!  Though, she doesn't usually.  There is usually a 2am feeding in there.  But, I let her decide.  We recently went up from 4 oz to 5 oz too.

  • My daughter is 3 weeks old. I had been waking her 3-4 hrs to eat. However her dr told us to let her sleep and she will let us know when she wants to eat. My question is by doing this thru the day too how will she be put on a feeding schedule (eventually) and will she be able to distinguish between day and night?
  • I personally would suggest waking your baby during the day.  My baby is waking up on her own just to eat and then she usually goes back to sleep.  The only time I wouldn't wake my baby if she wasn't waking on her own to eat every 3-4 hours, is during the night so she can establish the difference between night and day early on.  Last night I was so lucky that she slept for 8 hours!  YAY!  I hope she will do that more often!

  • She usually wakes up between 3-4 hrs during the day on her own.  Last night she slept 6 hrs!!  Couldn't believe it!!  It was the first time she slept longer then 3 hrs at night.

  • I think I hear two questions.


    To encourage sleeping more at night, try to have more stimulation during the day.  Open the blinds, go out for a walk, make normal noises around your home.  In the evening, close the blinds, make it darker at home and be quieter.  Your baby will eventually get in sync.  Also, having a baby who sleeps through the night definitely makes life easier for the parents, but it's not necessarily a reasonable expectation we have of babies.  I'm an adult and I wake up at night for  a drink of water or to used the bathroom.


    Also, what MommyRN4 said about the supply/demand of breastfeeding is right.  I'll add that you shouldn't try to schedule breastfed babies.  The AAP recommends feeding them whenever they show signs of hunger.  That may happen before your next "scheduled" feeding or later.  Trying to schedule a breastfed baby often leads to a decrease in your milk supply.

  • My daughter is 4 and a half months old and doesnt sleep thru the night. She wakes up more now then she did when she was 2 months. What should I do?  I know that most babys sleep thru the night by now.

  • Is she getting enough to eat?