2 month old eating every hour

  • My 2 month old has been wanting to eat every hour for the last two days.  I am mostly breastfeeding but have been supplementing with formula as well.  He is taking very short naps (15 min) during the day but did sleep for 7 hrs straight last night.  Is this constant eating normal or am I possibly doing something wrong?  Also, everytime I am breastfeeding him he falls asleep after a few minutes.  Any advice?

  • Sounds like your little one has learned how to "snack". My guess is that he is not eating that much during the feedings so he is hungry in an hour. Try holding him off to the 2 hour mark with a pacifier or by rocking him and holding him. At the 2 hour mark, breastfeed him. Make sure to wake him up enough throughout the feeding that he drains both sides of your breast. Then let him nap and make him go another 2 hours.  Once he is in a 2 hour schedule, try to push it to 3 hours. A 2 month old baby should be breastfeeding every 3 hours or so during the day. As with any feeding changes....make sure to talk to your pediatrician first to make sure he/she agrees.

    If you can't hold him off for 2 hours, or if he exceedingly fussy....bring him in to your pediatrician's to have them rule out any illness.

  • I had that same problem and had to undress my baby to wake her up to feed when i was breastfeeding and would play with her feet and hands to keep her awake. I also had issues with her wanting to eat all the time, i ended up pumping and realized i wasnt producing enough milk and ended up drying up that following week. (of course that is worse case seniero)

  • The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends breastfeeding your baby whenever he shows signs of hunger.  You should not schedule breastfeeding.  It is perfectly normal for a baby to occasionally want to nurse every hour.  "Cluster feeding" often happens in the evenings.