spitting up/reflux

  • My son is a preemie--- born at 34 wks 5 days.  He's been home now for 3 weeks.  I think he has reflux, he doesn't like lying flat, spits a lot and cry if he's flat... prefers being carried upright.  Any advice on how I can lay him down?  my husband and I are sleep deprived.


  • First, you need to discuss this with your pediatrician. It is important that they rule out other problems, especially in preemies.

    If it bothers him to lay down. Just let him sleep elevated. You can let him sleep in his carrier or swing. Just make sure his head isn't going to fall forward. You can also put something under the crib to elevate one end. Hold him upright for 30-60 minutes after feedings as well and keep his diapers loose around his belly.

    Call your doctor immediately if his belly starts to look swollen, he has yellow/green in his spit up, or if he isn't wetting enough diapers.

  • my daughter also a preemie of 36 weeks. She was actually in the hospital for a month after being born... they did give her medicine for her reflux called "REGLAN" and also they can give "PRILOSEC" it was for her tummy also. She had a hard stomach that they thought was gas and it wasnt. My daughter was on both of those medicines for 2 months.. Also one thing u might want to look into is cutting back the amount that you are feeding, that was another thing i was givin her 2 more ounces that she even needed. I mean i thought she did because she would drink it but like they say babies dont know when they are fool. Hope this helps! 

  • My son is 4 months old and has reflux really bad! We had to do shorter feeding a little more frequently (I know it's a pain if you are nursing, but it helps.) Also make sure that you burp your baby at least every 5 mins. Talk to your doc as well, my son had to be put on a few meds They don't help the spit up, but it helps his discomfort. Also, make sure that you are not over feeding him. Sometimes babies will want to eat as a comfort (especially if you are nursing!) My husband and I were givin this sleeping wedge that props him up a little more in his crib that really helps him sleep. We make sure that he is wrapped tight and secured and it helps wonderfully. For the first few weeks when he was born he slept in a swing, you can try that! Hope it helps.

  • get a bounces chair

  • Thanks for all your advice.  My son does seem to want to eat a lot and maybe he's being overfed.  I'll try all your tips and also talk to our pediatrician.  Thanks again!