Nipple rejection....

  • They say that using and finding nipples for baby bottles is a trial and error process as far as finding one for your baby goes. But does anyone have any solutions to help the transition? When my daughters were first born, the hospital gave us the similac infant nipple to feed them with, and to make sure we had them, we ordered a whole case online. When the girls started sucking on them so hard that they constantly pinched the neck of the nipple shut, I decided to find alternative nipples to use. I've tried just latex, silicone, and rubber, both slow and medium flow....nuk, standard, and a few other styles...they simply refuse the bottle until the similac nipples are put on and then they eat their formula no problem. So if anyone has any suggestions, let me know. We have no problems ordering the similac infant nipples, I'm just wondering if this has happened to anyone else and how they handled it.

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  • I have a program for teen parents and have some Gerber bottles in my donation box. They have the brown nipple that resembles the Similac nipple (if you are using what I think you are). They look very inexpensive, like something that would be sold at a dollar store and not somewhere like Target. Maybe something like that would work.

    Babies can be super stubborn. I wanted my daughter to take a bottle, so her daddy could feed her. I bought every bottle in the world and I still have all of them unused. I believe she would have come close to starvation before she took a bottle. :)