can't get baby to burp

  • I was wondering if anyone had any "tips" on burping my four week old? I have been using the Dr. Brown bottles, and I know that reduces air intake, however I can only get him to burp one or twice through a 3-4 oz feeding. My husband on the other hand can get him to burp practically on demand.

    I have tried over the shoulder, tilting him forward supporting his head.... Or am I just expecting more than what is expected when it comes to burping?

  • It may very well be that he doesn't swallow as much air when you feed may be better at feeding him than your husband or he may just relax more when you feed him. As a result, he just doesn't have another burp in there. If you are trying to burp him and it doesn't come out....don't worry about it. As long as you are giving him the opportunity to burp each time, then you are okay!

  • We use Dr. Browns bottles and sometimes my little one won't burp either or it feels like an eternity before she finally does.  Lately I found that laying her on her back in my lap for just a few minutes lets that air move around and then when I sit her up I'm more likely to get a burp.  Hope this helps!