Hungry AND Sleepy

  • I need some advice on feeding my 2mos old. She seems to fall asleep every time she eats after only drinking an ounce or so then she wakes up and is still hungry and the process starts all over. So what ends up happening is she never gets too hungry but never gets full and it takes her almost 2 hrs to finish a 6 oz bottle. Sometimes burping her wakes her up but not always but what I really hate doing is when I know she's hungry I make her wait but then I have to let her cry but after just a few minutes she's hungry and good and mad so she eats better. I dont want that to be the way I feed her .... anyone experiencing this too?

  • Hi Laleahmom,

    just know you are not alone. I'm having the same problem. What i do is i try sometimes to give her less and then if she doesn't fall sleep i give her more, i told the peditrician and she suggested i do that. When she  is  awake i try not to rush to give her the bottle, i play with her, play music and talk. Then if she starts falling sleep while burping, which happen most of the time i undress her and it works. I hope it helps.

  • Getting a new baby to eat a full feeding can take a while and a lot of are not alone. Try unswaddling her so that she is not so warm and comfy. Burp her often so that she wakes up a bit more and doesn't get into a deep sleep. Also, you can try and change her diaper in the middle of a feeding and not before the feeding starts. This way, she wakes up a lot while you are changing her diaper and then is a bit more eager to finish the bottle. Good luck

  • feed her every three hours make shure she is finishing the full bottle i think that for a 2 month old 6oz. is to much i give my 2 month old 4 oz. if she is not fully satisfied than increase the amount. to keep her up move mouth or change positions feeding her. another thing is dont give her the bottle right away when she wakes  up sometimes babys wake up but return back to sleep when she is fully awake play with her let her get a little cranky change her diper and then when you are shure that she is hungrry feed her- hope this helps it works for me    : )