breast feeding

  • My daughter was had some issues for the first three weeks of her life and had to be supplemented after each nursing. Now she has gained enough weight and I was told I no loger have to supplement. However I am not producing enough milk to make her happy. After each feeding she is fussy and waiting for a 2 oz bottle. I have no ideas on how to increase my milk production.

  • I am having the same issue. I would like to know if anyone has any information on this as well.

  • Let her nurse as often as she likes and try to get her to nurse for a long time. Try to see if you can add an extra nursing time or pumping time in there. Drink plenty of fluids and talk to your pediatrician about ways she would like you to increase your milk supply. Breastmilk production is a supply and demand type of thing. The longer your daughter nurses and the more your daughter nurses, the more your milk will increase. You may need to nurse her every 2-3 hours until your milk increases. You can also call the local LLL chapter in your area.