Homemade baby cereal

  • When babysitting my niece, I sometimes was not prepared with oatmeal or her usual cereal, so I decided to make a homemade cereal. I used 3 cups of brown rice and put it in the blender with 12 ounces of formula (you can use water). I pureed the mix until completely smooth. I then added some fruit or vegetable baby food and warmed it up.  My niece loved it! If you make your own cereal, what are some tips/tricks?

  • What we do is we take muffin pans and fill them with a combination of oatmeal and pureed fruit, then freeze them. We then pop out the frozen hockey puck shaped portions and keep them in the freezer. When we are in a pinch, we heat one or two in the microwave with a splash or two of milk. Our daughters love it!