Hands in mouth instead of spoon!

  • My DD has been eating solids for 6 weeks now.  She is doing a great job- loves her veggies!  In the past three days she has started putting her hands in her mouth as I feeding her.  It is a problem that I can't get the spoon in, but I don't want to discourage the hand-to-mouth because soon she will be feeding herself this way.  Any suggestions as to how to handle this?

  • Just work around it. She is trying to help you and it sounds like she already wants to feed herself. How old is she now?

  • My son does that too. i just move his hand, then feed him, and he puts it back. I don't think that moving his hand is going to discourage anything. My son barely even notices when i do it. Wait until the fun part where they start blowing raspberries...then they realize that they can do it with food in their mouth lol then they have 2x the fun.

  • Its no big deal, we have 4 children they all do it. like the other person said move their hand and feed them.

    you can also have them help you by putting part of the spoon in their hand. my daughter is doing that its messy but fun helps with their coorination