water for formula mix

  • is using the Nursery water OK for a newborn  I wasn't sure because the added fluoride?

  • That is a really good question, because I have been using it for my 2 month old, and it never occurred to me that it might not be ok!

  • We are using boiled tap water that has been cooled down (we have fluoridated water where I live.) The water quality where I am is good, and I'm confident that it is safe, so I'm not going to start using bottled (which is less regulated than tap, anyway.)

    What is everyone else using?

  • well , I'm so glad  to heard that im not alone using boiled water... I usually used boiled water too. 1/2 of hot water for mixing of formula then 1/2 of nursery water or distilled water to mixing up together till it turns warm then ready to feed.

    Can i ask something? I'sn't good a cold water to mixed up the formula?and how many hrs the formula long last?

  • I went back and forth between jugs of spring water and filtering my tap water, but that wasn't until my baby was older. For most of her first year, I used the ready-made formula. I found it to be very convenient.

  • where i live the tap water is good (even an attraction to some) so i use water out of the spicit and heat it up.

  • When my daughter was born we had very poor water quality.  It was well water, full of iron, and not always the cleanest.  I used nursery water with her from the beginning and when we went in to see her pediatrician he said it was fine.  Now we have city water, so when the new baby is born we will probably just use tap water for him.

  • I started out using boiled water, then I switched to using the nursery water. I really interested in knowing if the nursery water really is ok to use this early on.

  • I will admit my ignorance here - what is Nursery water?

    When we switched to formula we used tap, but admittedly my daughter breast-fed only for many months prior to the switch...

  • I read in a parenting magazine and confirmed with my doctor that using water with added flouride or tap water with too much flouride is not good.  Although most babies are born without teeth (yes, some are) they are already forming and growing underneath their gums.  This flouride can leave white streaks on a babies teeth, both baby and adult teeth which is permanent.  I have been using bottled distilled water that contains no flouride and my doctor and several other doctors say that this is okay.  They can check your babies flouride levels also...if you wish.

  • Me and my wife are using boiled tap water for our baby. It does not cost much and good. be sure to cool down the water before mixing

  • oops... I hate laptop computer keyboards...

    water that has been run-off from soil treated with pesticides gets into the natural water supply...

    just a thought.

  • Is it Ok to use bottled Spring Water???