my baby won't eat

  • lately, i've noticed that my baby is not eating as much as she should or used to, and this has made me very worried and i know most of you would feel the same way. some friend told me that my baby just got fed up with the milk. is there anything i can do to boost her appetite? also she has been constipating a lot. please help

  • How old is your baby?  Regardless, I would contact her pedi to make sure there is nothing seriously wrong.

  • How old is she? Is she acting sick in any way? Does she take solids or juice?

  • all kids at all ages go threw spurts where they eat more or less as their body needs the nutrients.  As long as she is still drinking her bottles she is getting what she needs. My Baby wouldn't eat from the spoon when she got her teeth. I think it hurt her!

  • I'd definitely contact your pedi for advice on this one. She'll be able to tell you whether or not this is something to worry about. My youngest still doesn't have much of an appetite, but she'll go in spurts of wanting to eat and not wanting to eat. As long as she's healthy and gaining weight and height as she's supposed to, I try not to worry too much.

  • I had this same concern when I left the hospital with my baby girl.  The lactation specialist stated that as long as she is peeing and pooping normal and is consistantly gaining weight, there should be no problems.  She also made the comment that sometimes adults can eat a whole frozen pizza and sometimes they can only eat 3 pieces.  This pertains to your baby's appetite as well.