Bowel Movement/5 week old formula fed

  • So, my 5 week old had her first bowel movement in 4 days.  It was a "blow out", but instead of it being watery/seedy, it was yellowish-brown and almost a creamy texture.  TMI, I know but I wanted to ask if this was normal.  Since we've been slowly introducing her to formula (2 feedings/day), her bm's have been infrequent and she is really gassy.  Help? 

  • Hi,

    The change to formula can have an impact on bowel movements. It takes several days for their tummies to adjust. Formula fed babies do not have the same yellow, seedy poops that breastfed babies have. Formula fed stools at this age are generally yellowish in color and the consistency of peanut butter. Be sure to discuss any changes in frequency or appearance with your pediatrician. He/she will be able to guide you further.

  • I had similar issues with my youngest. I think we tried four different formulas before we found one that worked with her digestive system. But then, constipation has always been an issue for her, too. So I think it was a matter of finding what worked best for her and dealing with the underlying issue of how her body digests. We always consulted our pediatrician and they said that it can up to two weeks before a baby gets used to a new formula or a change in feeding habits. Sounds like what you're going through is pretty common. But still, always talk to your doctor if you have questions. A good peds practice is always happy to help.

  • HI!! It is normal for your baby to go 4 days without a bowel movement. As long as she is not struggling when she does or her movement isn't pebbles shes fine. My son was recently swithed from breast milk to formula and he had the same type of movement. He was also really gassy, but then we switched him to the new advanced with early shield and literally within that day it was gone. You also have to remember, if you are still breatfeeding, what you eat can give your baby  gas. Good luck!!

  • kdyoung,

    Do not worry too much just yet, as with any diet changes your child is likely to experience different poops. With my own daughter, each meal is likely to produce something different (and often colorful). When we began using formula she too experienced some changes in her bowel movements, but as she adjusted they became regular and stable. Remember while children are different in many ways from adults, they are also similar - just as any diet change affects you, so does a diet change affect them. If your child continues to experience gas pains you can try medicine for treating gas pains, commonly sold over-the-counter, an alternative formula which may work better with her digestive system, or mixing the fomular with breast milk and slowly lowering the amount of breast milk in order to help her adjust. Always remember to consult a Doctor if any serious symptoms persist.

  • I wholeheartedly agree. Infants' simethicone is your friend!