Feeding cereal

  • Ok.  We recently started feeding my 5 month old rice cereal and oatmeal.  I have a couple of questions.  First, the box says to make it like soup 1 tbsp with 4-5 tbsp the very first time.  Do you thicken it after he gets used to it?  We began to thicken it and he has had some awful gas, and it has decreased his bowel movements down to only one per day.  Oh yeah, I do breastfeed.  Am I doing this right?

  • I feed my baby cereal at 4 weeks and made it just thick enough so it would stay on the spoon if you flipped it over. Yes you increase the amount of cereal for the first couple times till it is not like soup and more like oatmeal. When you start with the cereal their bowle movements do decrease and become more solid. As long as he doesn't go more then 3 day without any he is fine. I would stick with one grain probabaly rice that might help the gas. Is he in pain or just gasy if it is comming out I wouldn't worry about it. Also if you mix some pears with the cereal it will help him go.

  • 4 weeks or 4 months, I thought you weren't supposed to give babies cereal younger than 4 months?

  • When I first started giving my little girl cereal at 4 months I started making it soupy but she just wouldn't eat it until I started taking a little bit of the gerber bananas or sweet potatoes and mixing in with it.  It makes it thicker and I guess not so bland tasting that I have no problems with her eating it anymore. 

  • I would start with just rice first.  When I began with my seven month old she did not tolerate the oatmeal very well.  She did a lot better with the rice.  And yes the bowel movement will decrease.  I think the thickness depends on the baby too....just experiment until you find the right consistency for him.  Mine still likes hers fairly runny and I blend it with applesauce or bananas.

  • Are you mixing it with breastmilk? I increased the thickness as they tolerated it.

  • 7 months !!

    My 8 month old is eating an waffle right now~

  • I have a 6 week old baby who is 14 pounds already, born at 9lbs 6oz.  I am trying to figure out when the best time to start cereal is.  I realize that me doctor will probably tell me to wait until 4 months, but since he is already bigger than most 6 month olds I know, I think I should start a little earlier.  He's already eating 6 ounces of formula every 3-4 hours.  Nighttime is probably the worst part of the day for me.

    Does anyone have any suggestions about when the best time to start cereal is? 

    Thanks for the help

  • The pediatricians say 4 months because any younger is a high risk for allergies later on.  Also, I have heard if you start too soon, you may have eating challenges later on.  Their digestive system just hasn't matured much yet that cereals aren't suggested this young.  Acid reflux babies may be different though.  Best bet, just take the doc's advice.