My baby doesn't like food

  • My 7mos old baby doesn't like baby food. I have tried every different one. He is very interested when I am eating and is always trying to get "Big People" food, but then I try and feed him and he is constantly turning his head. I have to trick him into eating by pretending I'm putting something else in his mouth! I need advice. Please help!

  • Its a little different for me because my son loves to eat but he wont eat his food if we are eating. What we do is hide his bowl in one of our bowls and pretend or actually eat out of it ( some baby food is actually good!) that way he thinks hes getting away with something and is eating our food. Hope that helps!

  • what kinds of foods do you try to give him cause me i will try the foods first to see if they taste fine. sometimes you can try and warm the food alittle bit if you keep them in the fridge but just warm up the vegiies and dinner meals my son wont eat his greens no matter how we feed it to him every baby is different. you could try fruits like one week try applesauce or peaches.


    hope this helps good luck

  • Have you tried to to make your own baby food? I make my own and the taste is definately better than store bought. It's easy too! One day a week I dedicate time to making all my food for the week, I put acorn and butternut squash in the roasting pan with a little water for 45 minutes. While the oven is on I also put in some sweet potaoes wrapped in foil (in a sheet pan), I boil carrots, brocolli and green beans. I save some of the cooking liquid and put it in the blender, then I freeze it in ice cube trays, one cube is a tablespoon. This way I know exactly what he's eating and I know it's good for him. I've tried some of the store bought foods and he turns his head from those!

  • With my daughter I was never into nasty messes orfood all over w/ a spoon and bowl and since at 7 months she had great arm strength and could hold a bottle my mom suggested I use an infant feeder. It was seriously the best thing i ever bought. I would take baby food and mix it with rice cereal, put it in the infant feeder, and b/c she was used to bottles and rice creal it was a good texture, but something different, my daughter sucked her foods right down. I know some ppl want to say that it makes them harder to brake from the bottle, but w/ me it didnt even effect my daughter... i never even had to take away the infant feeder or bottle around 11 months she just quit eating out of the feeder and at around 14 months she quit using a bottel and went full time juice cup. Also, something else i figured out w/ my daughter was that she would only eat single flavored baby foods.... carrots were fine and peas were fine, but she wouldnt touch peas and carrots mixed. Maybe this will help :) best of luck :)

  • Try making your own baby food or giving your child something to play with while you feed her. This way her hands are busy and she may eat a little better. Keep offering her food every day and make sure you are giving her a variety of foods. When she is a bit older, she may do much better on finger foods. Talk to your pediatrician if you are still having a problem.