16 Month old fussy eater

  • I haven't been on here for awhile...I have 16 month old twin boys.  My one eats great and the other has always been sort of picky.  Lately he will eat a couple bites of something and won't eat anything else and/or he won't eat something that he has eaten before and loved it.  When he does that I try something that he normally always will eat, but even then he is rejecting it.  Is this a phase that kids go through?  If does get frustrating meal after meal. Guess I am just concerned that he isn't getting enough to eat.  he seems to be gaining weight normally and has great energy.   Thanks for any advice, suggestions, etc.

  • We have struggled with this with our older daughter (2 1/2) and we just decided that if she didn't want to eat, we didn't force her, but we made it clear there would be no snacking after dinner and no treats of any kind unless she ate her dinner. We did not get into the habit of scrambling to prepare alternate dinners for her and now we feel pretty good about her eating habits. She has skipped some meals without reason here and there, but we have not been worried that this has affected her health.

  • You can't force your child to eat, but you can make sure that he is always being offered healthy foods. Don't cater to his whims though or you will find yourself becoming a short order cook. When he is hungry, he will eat. If you are concerned with his weight, talk to your pediatrician....otherwise, just grin and bear it. Hopefully this is a phase that will run its course soon. My oldest was a picky eater for 2 years, but now he eats great. Keep offering him veggies, fruit and whole grains with every meal and you might be surprised at how balanced his diet really is.

  • I was once told by my doctor that a child's taste buds change every 7 days until they are like 4 years old (I don't remember the exact age).  That is why a kid will like one food today and hate it next week!  I was concerned about something similar to this and was told that as long as the child is gaining weight and staying active (no noticeable changes), not to worry.  Kids go in and out of growth spurts all the time.  Eating less could just be a slowed growth spurt.