Breastfed 6 month old will not take bottle

  • I am having difficulties with my 6 month old, she will not take the bottle; I have bought over 15 different bottles and none of them work. I will be going back to work in another month and plan to continue to pump but I don't know what to do. I have had other people try, I have left the house, I have tried everything but no luck. Any suggestions?

  • My baby is only 3 months old and I have the same problem, I'm not producing enough milk, but she does not want the bottle, not even if my own milk is on the bottle!!! know what to do.....any advise out there?

  • Make sure you are warming the milk enough before you feed it to her. Pick a bottle that is more similar to your breast and make a point to have your husband feed her 1 bottle EVERY night until she gets used to it. This is what I had to do when my baby acted the same way. It took a while, but eventually he got the hang of it. He may not eat at first, but by the time I went back to work, he would eat just enough through the bottle to last him until I returned! Good luck

  • im also having the same problem my daughter is 3 months also and i pump but she wont  take the bottle .she wont even take the pacifier .i dont know if its the nipple to the bottle or is just that she is used to me feeding her ....any  body know what i could do Idea

  • I had the the same problem when I returned to work and my daughter was 4 month old at that time. I bought three different bottles and she seemed to like NUK bottle the best. There are a few things that I found important to help her taking the bottle. First of all, it is better to let someone else feed her with bottle, her dad or grandparents, but NOT the mum! You may also try to have something exciting ongoing so that her focus is not on the bottle. The first time when my daughter sarted taking bottle was when my mother-in-law singing for her (my daught loves her singing). Also, the first time when she took the bottle, she only had 1 oz. It is after a few weeks till she got used to the bottle. Now she is about 6 months, she gets excited when she sees the bottle. Good luck!

  • My daughter had problems taking a bottle too. I switched to MAM bottles

    (easy transition from mum to MAM) it was worth the shot and it worked with wonders she actually took the VERY FIRST BOTTLE I GAVE HER WITH NO COMPLAINTS

  • We had the same problem while our daughter was in the NICU. They wanted her to adjust to a bottle before discharging her, she would only breastfeed or tube feed. A month after being home we had to supplement because my wife wasn't able to produce enough milk for her. We have fallen in love with Smoothie bottles by The First Years. She is not able to collapse the nipple and it has a really wide base. She won't take any other. Hope you are able to find something your little one will take! Good Luck!

  • I had a similar issue with my baby.  She wouldn't take a bottle from me or wouldn't take formula in a bottle from anyone.  She preferred breastmilk.  Also it depended on the bottle she was getting it from.  I have found that she prefers the NUK bottles over Playtex anyday.  For months she just would not take a bottle from me or nor formula so what I did was first find a formula she likes.  She likes the Similac Sensitive brand.  Then I had to just keep working with her on the bottle.  I would pick 1 time of day wait until she was good and hungry and then give her the bottle.  She would take a few sucks and then protest, but I would stop, console her and then offer the bottle again.  I went through that for about a month and now she's 8 months and takes a bottle from me with no problems.  I'm trying to wean her and working on not giving her a bottle in the evening, this is a little more challenging, but I'm determined. :-)

  • I have always heard that the playtex gentle glide large bottles are to help with that problem. They have an unusually small nipple which is similar to the real thing. I wish you the best of luck. I