• We finally determined with the help of our pediatrician that our nearly 6 week old has reflux. We now have him on Zantac and hopefully that will help. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to deal with it until he out grows it which my pediatrician said can be anywhere from 4 months of age till 6 months and sometimes longer.
  • Sometimes they will have you decrease the volume of each feeding. You might ask your pediatrician if that is a good idea for you. It also helps a great deal to sit your baby up for 30-60 minutes after each feeding, keep his diapers loose around his waist, and burp him really well. Some pediatricians have parents add rice cereal to each feeding .Many parents I talk to say that this has helped tons. Of course, 6 weeks is pretty early for rice cereal, so ask your pediatrician before you do anything like that. I hope this helps!

  • i have a 4onts boy,h was speeting p ever eding,m pd hd sweeched the fomula

    similac sensative RS and it is great triet u will see the diffrent i give 10 stars


  • We are trying Zantac too-  what finally helped you?  Where you using formula?  What kind?  It is now July - how did you cope?  How is he doing now?

  • Reflux is so difficult to deal with because every baby responds differently to the medications they prescribe. As a NICU nurse, I know all too well how difficult reflux can be. Zantac is a good choice and usually the first choice by most pediatricians. But you should also know that it is not the end of the road-----there are other types of medications he can prescribe to work alongside Zantac or instead of Zantac.

    Therefore, it is important to be your baby's advocate. You need to tell your doctor if something is not working,  if it is working a little bit, or if he develops constipation or gas as a result. Many parents simply try and cope with their refluxing infant and fail to let their doctor know what is and what isn't working.

    Always remember to give the medications a solid week to work before making any changes to the medication routine or before letting your doctor know.

    He can change the formula, add more medications to soothe the esophagus (if it is raw), increase the medication amounts etc...There are lots of different solutions and ONLY YOU can help your doctor find the one that works best for your baby..


    Good Luck

  • Our 5 month old was in the same situation, but her spitting up was accompanied by skin rashes that wwas diagnosed as excema. We had gone to a gastro-intestinal doctor to deal with the reflux, and she also prescribed zantac. However, the excema was caused by an allergy that was the main cause of the reflux, so we now have also seen an allergist.

    The good news is that the reflux seems to be subsiding a little bit. Not sure if it's the meds, the hypo-allergenic formula or simple growth into a new stage. Whatever the reason, we hope the trend continues!

  • Oh you nicu nurses are treasured angels full of knowledge.  The ones that cared for my baby had such patience in giving info to us newbies as well as wiping our tears of frustration.  My daughters main nurse told me that not moving her around during feeding was the key and to keep her upright for a while after feeding.  Some say burp half way through feeding but for us it was feed, let stay still , then change to a burping position.  They also said that what comes up is only minimal in comparison to what they took in.