Homemade baby food

  • When starting solids, baby food varieties are abundant! I want to give my baby the best, but all the different choices make it confusing. I think that it would be best to puree all my baby’s fruits and vegetables so that I know 100% natural ingredients are entering my baby’s digestive tract. Did this benefit your baby? Is there a baby food that you recommend that is all natural and healthy?

  • We discovered our daughter loved blueberries, so my wife purees blueberries and mixes them with oatmeal, then pours it into a muffin pan and puts it in the freezer. We pop them out and into the microwave with a cup of milk, and we have a great quick and healthy breakfast.

  • Do you have any homemade food recepies for infants?

    I would like to prepare food at home for my daughter instead of readymade food.


    Thanks in advance.

  • There is a wonderful cook book written by Annabel Karmel titled Top 100 Baby Purees.  It has great recipes and includes food alergies, how to freeze the baby food, and the amount of portions the recipes with give.  Check it out you will be glad you did.  ENJOY!!

  • i make my own baby food ant love it. 1 the baby likes it 2 when u switch to table foods its the same tast 3 its way less expensive 4 like you said there are no preservatives. i use the baby steps electric food mill and manual food mill baby center store sells the whole kit for cheaper than buying it individual at babies r us and you get a recipie book. u can use a food procesesor for most foods but i recomend a manual mill for potats or things that will get starch. things you only need a little bit of or cant freeze things with skins like peas and pruns because it holds back the skins and for meat. plus you can take it anywhere and if you order a bowl of fruit you can just puree it with the manual mill sat the restrant and no to to bring food with you. i love it and when i made the baby food for my daughter she went to table food very easily . plus you can make a whole bunch at once freeze it in icecube trays then put it in a ziploc bag once frozen and prestoi you have food for the whole week and you have much more of a variety that you can feed them

  • I made all of my baby food. My children loved sweet potatoes and they were super easy to make. I just microwaved the sweet potato and mixed it with formula or water until I got it to the desired consistency.
  • Maiking food is great. It's so much easier thatn it seems. My problem is now my 9 month old is really interested in table food and I'm not sure how to transition him. It easier when he is with me,but I'm not sure what to prepare for the daycare to give to him. Help!!

  • I am sure by now you had numerous responses but when I use store bought foods for her, I use Earth's Best (organic).  Autumn Marie (6 months) loves it!  We also make our own and she enjoys that too! We use organic foods and puree it.