breastfeeding and working.

  •   I am breastfeeing my baby girl, but I recently went back to work.  I am a teacher and I do not have many opportunities to pump at work. So, I can only do it once most times. My biggest concern is that when I do it, I can not get more than 2 or 3 onzes. Is this a good amount? Will I be able to continue breastfeeding my baby or not?   What can I do to have more milk?     Please help!

  • Congrats on your baby girl! I pumped and worked, and found that I just had to drop what I was doing or I might not get to it. I realize that may not be as easy with a classroom full of children. I had to assign another nurse to watch my patients. Do you have an assistant?

    First, I would talk to the lactation consultant where you delivered. She will have tons of ideas for you. The biggest things are pump as often as you can and drinks plenty of milk, juice, and water. It might also help to look at a picture of your daughter when pumping. There are some herbs and at least one inexpensive prescription medicine that can also help increase supply. I took the prescription med and didn't have any side effects and it really boosted my supply.

    If you are only getting 3 oz total the entire time you work then you probably will have to supplement with formula. Even if that happens, you can still give her what you are able to pump, as well as nurse in the mornings, night, and on weekends. I hope this helps!

  • Albeit as a Dad instead of a Mom I'm on looser ground here, but I would recommend speaking with a Lactation Consultant (and then perhaps a Doctor if he/she cannot help) about techniques and options to increase the amount. Often with my wife pumping was not as effective as breast feeding so we would mix up the pumped milk with formula. Not only did it let me feed her (something I think is really good for dad bonding time), it also helped her adjust better when we switched to just formula later on.

  • what is the name of the prescription medicine you took to increase your milk supply? thanks

  • I think pumping as much as you can is super-important, but it is easier said than done.  With all 3 of my children, I returned to work full time 6 to 7 weeks after they were born.  I was lucky to be able to pump for short amounts of time several times a day, however, I even would try pumping discretely in my car. . .probably not the wisest or most feasible suggestion.  A friend suggested Mother's Milk Tea, which you can buy at a vitamin store like GNC or order on line.  I was skeptical but found that it helped.  It has a strange, but not necessarily unpleasant, taste.  However, I found that my pediatrician had a lot of great suggestions- even more so than the lactation consultants.  Most people find they have the best luck with electric pumps, but I found that I had the best output with a manual pump- it was a Medela and only about $30-$40.  

  • It was Reglan. All I had to do was call and ask the OB and they called it in for me.