When to start real solids?

  • I have a 7 month old baby boy who is eating baby food and formula, but I am wanting to know when a good time to start giving him crackers, or cheerios, or things of that sort.   What is a good first food?   And when to move up from Gerber 1st stage pureed baby food to 2nd stage, and 3rd?  I'm scared he'll choke, but I know he's eventually got to go to solids.  Thanks so much for the help. 

  • It really just depends on your baby. If he has been eating stage 1 for quite a while and does really well with it, then he is probably ready to have stage 2. I THINK (it is hard to remember) that I started cheerios and Gerber puffs around 8 months of age. I started with small broken pieces to see how they would do with those first. A baby who sits up well and can pick up small pieces of food will normally do okay with these type foods. The wholesomebabyfood website offers a chart with foods that are safe to introduce. I always used that as a guide. The site also has tons of recipes. My children liked the "fried bananas".