weaning baby from breastmilk to formula

  • i am returning to work and have decided to switch my son from breastmilk to formula...my body has also givin out on me and doesnt want to produce enough milk anymore, so this is a priority for me to accomplish! he is used to a bottle and doesnt mind the taste or formula...any tips or advice on how to get this weaning done!?

  • Give formula every other feeding and then switch to formula only. The transition should be a smooth one!

  • irecently did thesame switch and i just gradually replaced breastmilk with formula over abouta week it seemed to work well with my caiden. GoodLuck!     

  • I have to return to work also.  I have been breastfeeding for 11 weeks.  I have pumped and tried every bottle in the stores and she will not take from a bottle.  I need help.Any suggestions?

  • Have you tried Tommee Tippee?  It is exclusive to Toys r us/Babies r us.  She's never had a problem with it and even now that I'm trying to wean her she doesn't seem to be getting any nipple confusion.  Good luck

  • I had the same issue.  She did not take a bottle until she was almost 6 months old.  Tommee Tippee is good she would chew on the nipple and get something out of it.  She is now taking a sippy cup instead.  You can try a sippy and see if yours will take formula from there. 

  • I have no advise for you. Just wanted you to know I am having same issues. Only I was planning to continue breastfeeding & pumping when I went back to work but my baby & I have developed thrush & the pain is too much to suffer thru w/going back to work. Lucky for us he also doesn't seem to mind the formula or bottle & it does free up alot of time & he has napped better than ever just in one day of the switch. I do miss that bonding time but everyone has been supportive in the fact I did the best I could for 7 weeks.