Night Feeding Troubles

  • I have successfully weaned my baby from nursing to bottle-feeding during the daytime. I saved night-time weaning for last. She still eats 1-2 times a night. When I nurse her she easily and immediately returns to sleep. When I bottle-feed her as soon as I return her to her crib she screams and it can take 45 minutes+ for her to fall back to sleep. Any ideas? Thanks!


  • I took my daughter some time to get use to the bottle feeding before bed.  If my husband gave her that bottle she went right to sleep without a fuss.  Do you have someone else who could give her those bottles until she  gets use to them?  maybe that would help.

  • She just wants to nurse. She isn't looking for the food, but the comfort. That is why she cries even after the bottle. I would either continue to nurse at night if you are able to, or not feed at all at night. When I quit nursing my daughter at night I had to have my husband go in for a couple of weeks and rock her. She associated me with the breast and cried the whole time I rocked her, b/c she wanted to nurse.