Burping Issues

  • I am a 19 year old first time mother, I had my son a week ago and I am formula feeding him because I found breastfeeding difficult. I noticed that after I feed him he sometimes gets the hiccups. I was told that this happens when he isn't burped, which sometimes I have a difficult time burping him. I also heard that cold air sometimes leads to hiccups. Does anyone have any advice as to different burping methods and how to get rid of hiccups?

  • There are a million and one ways to burp a baby. Every parent will have a little technique that they say works best. I just found that by trying a variety of ways, eventually your baby will burp. Once you find a way that works, forget it because what works today doesn't necessarily work tomorrow! The key is to not let gas build up by not allowing too much air into the nipple and don't wait for the whole bottle to burp your baby, try to do it half way through if you can. Hope this helps!

  • I am having the same problem. if you figure out what works let me know plz.

  • My girl is not even 3 weeks old and I am having the same problem she often get hiccups and I am not the best burper ... here are the few tips I was given:

    as said, don't let your son drink much before you burp him. I go once per once right now and it help for the burping... also you might not hear a full burp ... check for the formula smell. there are also 3 positions : head on shoulder (the one I have trouble with), on the belly (if you feel confortable doing so) and sitting, holder his head, lightly bend forward (it compress his stomach so help the gaz come out). 

    for the hiccups, it might be like mine that eat too fast ... make him take breaks to try to avoid it, but it seams normal for them to have it ... so my only trick is to encorage her to drink to get control of her breathing ... doesnt always work but it's less heartbreaking then letting it pass by itself :)

    hope this helped 

  • Hello, I am a new grandmother to a 8 week old girl. Laila is her name, My daughter is having a very hard time burping her, we have found out that if we burp her after 2 ounces she burps somettimes we burp her on our knee, then we wait about 5 min In this time you can feel another ounce. We burp her again we feel her belly to see if she has any gas them let her sit up for a few sec. then try to burp again, also if she is fussy a bit sitting her up help we have gotten better as the weeks go by, Good Luck

  • my baby is now three months old as of today and she gets the hiccups all the time. it just happens i really don't think it has any thing to do w/ the burping. try putting your little one on their stomache when they get the hiccups. that tends to work for her. as for burping one thing i've found is to burp them more often and also put them higher up on your shoulder so that it actually pushes in against their tummy. that is what has worked for us. good luck

  • Thanks a lot! That did help, I burp him at least 2 times and for the most part he does burp right away.

  • I still have issues burping my baby girl and she will be 4 months tomorrow. I do find the best way (for her at least) to be by sitting her on my knee and bending her forward slightly w/ my hand holding her on either side of her cheeks (don't wanna do it near her neck!) and dont be afraid to give a good tap on the back, im not saying you should do it really hard but I know my parents and in laws tap so gently on my babys back that I am like you are NEVER going to get a burp out. :) I also realized that switching positions moves it around and brings the burp out faster, she likes to do it when im about to give up burping lol. and the hiccups things still an issue. The pacifier now helps her get rid of them! good luck!!

  • I am a mother of three and my youngest is only 2 weeks old. All of my children had the hiccups all the time. My pediatrician let me know that hiccups in a newborn are very common because their nervous system is still new. This also explains the sneezes if yours is doing that consistently too. It is the same as when their whole body spasms too.

    Also breastfeeding can be difficult, especially if you are a new mom and when you stress out about it, the baby feels the stress. I had a lot of problems with my oldest when I was breastfeeding and would get really frustrated. Talking to someone about it helps a lot. My husband would help me through it and the nurses at the hospital helped.

  • I found that always keeping the baby wrapped in a worm blanket or keeping the baby worm, worked with mine. But like AnswerDad said what works today might not work tommorrow.

  • Has someone replied to you yet hun?

    Its been some months since you posted this so im sure you got  burping down to a science now and realize that hiccuping is normal and natural..After breathing liquid for almost a year (and even hiccuping in ur tummy when learning how to breathe oxygen) it just happens...Sometimes hiccuping happens as a result of burping. My baby would be difficult to burp  after some feedings and some feedings a burp would come right out. When he was first born we burped him after every ounce to keep the air intake and gas bubbles down.

    But not to worry. its normal and will go away on its own and it looks like it hurts them but generally its only irritating at best.

    There is a book that I was given, The Baby Book: Everything you need to know about you baby from birth to age 2. Its definitely worth getting. It has an answer to every question you could ever have and eases every almost every worry, be it telling you what you can do, or letting you know what the cause of things are. Its a great reference for all things baby!

    I hope you and baby are doing well. :o) Congrats on being a new mommy.


  • It was interesting to find out that pacifier helps get rid of hiccups. That is good to know. Thanks.

  • I have a 11 week old boy. He is also very difficult to burp. I usually just keep changing postions and sometimes even standing up with him on my shoulder works. As for the hiccups, theres really nothing you can do for them. My son has had them since he was born and he still gets them. I have been told that they do not hurt the baby at all, they are just a little annoying to us.

  • I am also a first time mom, and also have a difficult time burping my son. I have found that changing his position works sometimes. As for the hiccups, my mother told me that when my son has hiccups it is because he has a wet diaper and needs to be changed. Shockingly, she is right. Every time, my son has had hiccups me and my husband have now gotten in the routine of changing him, and his diaper has always been wet. Soon, after changing him the hiccups go away.  Good Luck.

  • Sometimes when you change the burping position a few times to a different position it will get  a little burp out : )...and sometimes they just don't burp.  Different methods are on your shoulder of course and  propped between your knees with one hand holding the face and the other trying to burp.  But that's all the methods I ever used.  My daughter had hiccups in the womb and out and she gets them very often and loved to burp.  So I don't think it's the cold air..but maybe.  And she hated having them.