• I'm pregnant due in August.  I'm thinking of breastfeeding primarily and supplemening some so my husband can help.  How much can I supplement without affecting my milk coming in?

  • At first you will not want to supplement with formula that much because you will need to really establish your milk supply. You can still pump your breast milk and let your husband feed the baby a bottle though. I would not do it more than once a day though because the pump is not nearly as good as the baby is at "draining" your breasts. If you do use formula, wait until your milk is very established and your baby is good at breastfeeding.
  • I understand wanting your husband to be involved, and for him to get the joy and experience of feeding the baby. My son in seven months and I have exclusively breastfed him. I really didn't want my husband to feel left out either. So I did my best to get him involved. He would bring me our son if I didn't already have him, he would always burp him between sides and after. He would rub my legs or feet, or our son's back. I did have to go back to work, so he eventually got to feed him a bottle, and get that closeness. He has never complained that he isn't involved. In fact, sometimes my son will just unlatch when his daddy walks in the room and get that adorable huge grin and stare at his daddy for a bit. Then he remembers what he is doing, and latches on again and finishes up. If you are wanting to suppliment just to give daddy a little more face and bonding time with the baby, think about letting him give him a morning and night rubdown. Even without lotion, it comforts baby so much, and helps him sleep better, and wake up better. Let daddy cuddle him before and after you feed him, or before naps. I promise he won't lose out on anything at all by not getting to feed your beautiful baby!

  • Supplementing would affect your milk supply.  There's no way around it.

    There's a lot that your husband can do to be involved with caring for the baby.  He can do bath time, he can rock, cuddle and hold the baby--particularly during fussy and/or sleepy times.  He can bring the baby to you at night in order for you to feed the baby.