Breast pumps

  • Hi all!  I'm currently 16 weeks 5 days pregnant.  I have been looking at breast pumps but am overwhelmed by the variety of different types.  Does anyone have any suggestions on what worked best for you and why.

    Thanks in advance for any advise you may have!

    Have a wonderful day Smile


  • I would go with the Medela brand for sure! I know they are pricey but they work great! I ended up getting a single pump, the Swing, but I suggest a double, its just less time consuming! Best of luck to ya!

  • In my opinion manual breast pumps are better and more confortable, electric ones are just scary....good luck!!!

  • Def. go with a electric pump! They are alot faster!

  • I would suggest Ameda breast pump. I have been using it for 5 months now and it never gave up. It is also cheaper than Medela pump. It is only sold online.

  • I would suggest renting a hospital brand pump.   This way you can build up your mil supply and it will give you time to know if breast feeding will work for you and your baby.  You don't want to spend too much money on a pump and only use it for a while.  I have a 2 month old baby and the lactation nurse at the hospital suggested for me to rent a hospital brand pump.  I did I rented a Ameda and I love it. I have been using it for 2 months already and plan to continue to use it for up to 3 months.  This way I can build up my milk supply, before returning to work.  Good LuckAngel




  • Hi! I've been using the Medela PIS Advanced for the past six months and LOVE it! It's pretty gentle on my nipples and allows you to adjust the rate of suction. I haven't had one problem and have recommended it to all my mommy friends :) I think Amazon is one of the cheaper places to buy it. I would discourage rental pumps because your trusting someone else to make sure its sterilized and after daily rental fees and shipping it can be cheaper in the end to have bought one in the first place.

  • I have the double electrical Medela PIS. I haven't used it yet since I'm not due till October. I got it through my insurance provider because it was covered 100% through insurance with out any deductible. I ordered it early in the event I go in early and the baby ends up in the nicu since I've had some complications I'll be able to pump. I would check with your insurance provider before purchasing a pump, and if it's not provided if you are having a shower you can register for it. If you don't get it than you can always purchase it on your own. Best of luck and congrats.

  • Thank you all for the suggestions!!  All great advise and  it helps me out a lot! 

  • I've been pumping for the past 10 months and I went threw a couple pumps before I found one that was good/dependable/affordable/convenient and everything else you want a pump to be! its the Ameda purely yours, its fairly inexpensive only 150$ without all the bells and whistles that aren't truly necessary! I love it, pumps great hasn't failed on me, has a one year warranty! <<which is great because alot of pumps don't. It was recommended by the hospital and the health department, I truly suggest it!

  • I have used the Medela pump in style and it works great. I had to pump for almost a year with my first kiddo who couldn't take formula. I am now using it for my daughter who is 9 months and it still works well. My suggestion would be to check with your health insurance company my pump was covered by health insurance. It almost covered the entire thing. Your health insurance will also tell you the brands they will cover.

  • Any Medela double pump.  You want a double pump that when you have your let down, you are getting milk out of both boobs.  Medela is the is what is supplied in all NICU's.  Expensive,but so well worth it.  I had one for 3 years, burnt it out and had to buy another one.  I bought a used one and it is still kicking.  I pump every 4 hours at work.  Love it!

  • I agree wtih all the Medela fans. I got mine 2 years ago when I was having real trouble nursing my first born. I had a manual pump at first, but that was such a pain. It takes so long to get any milk and then to have to do that manually on both breasts was a cruel time consuming joke. The Medela is expensive but worth every penny, and every friend I know who has one agrees. Now I have just had my daughter and am glad to have the Medela at home already. Dr told me to start suplementing and I am using my Medela to make sure my milk supply stays up and also great to make sure the breast is drained after she nurses.

  • Medela Swing works great! i tried several before i found one that really worked. its light weight and small too . Good luck! hope everything goes well with your baby

  • My daughter was born with cleft palate/lip so I was unable to nurse. I chose to expess milk and feed her the breast milk with a special bottle.

    The pump I used was Medela and was awesome. I found a local store here in Austin, TX that rented them out and all I had to do was but the attachments. It was an additional cost but I loved the option of being able to rent the pump and return it when we no longer needed it.

    I would recommend you renting the pump only if you are going to use it on a dialy basis. But this brand of pumps are great and well made. Considering my situation, I am so glad we chose that brand.


    Good luck!