cracked and sore nipples and burning after nursing

  • I've been nursing my 2 month old since he was born. Each time after nursing I have cracked, sore and burning nipples. I've used special lotion for the nipples, heat pads. Talk to a lactation nurse on my son latching on and he latches fine. Anyone got any ideas to help this new mom heal.
  • Just a few thoughts that come to mind:


    If he has thrush, he could have given it to you. A yeast rash on your nipples would make them chronically sore and cracking.

    Did the lactation consultant examine your nipples for infection? You might let your OB look at them to make sure they are okay.

    Double and triple check his latch and his mouth.

    I had a friend whose nipples were like this. I saw them and they looked absolutely terrible. It got better after a few months and she is still nursing him at twelve months. Hang in there. I hope it gets better for you soon.

  • I just used a nipple shield when I had those problems. If you have a specialist then you could ask which one she recommends... the one I used was like two bucks and worked wonders.

  • I had this problem as well. I was never told when it was happening, but I am pregnant again, and my new doctor discussed breastfeeding with me today. I explained to her how I had sore, cracked, and even bleeding nipples last time, so I wasn't sure what I was going to do this time. She said that a little blood in the breastmilk is like liquid gold and its fine to still use (I was under the impression before that I had to throw it away and waste it). She also said that it could be the baby is not latching on correctly (but I was like you, my first child latched on just fine and that wasn't the problem). When lotions and things did not work as I had hoped, I also used a very inexpensive nipple guard and it worked wonders!

  • I've had the same problem.  I found out that I had a yeast infection in my breasts.  My Dr. gave me an rx for some cream and i've been putting neosporin on after each feeding.  I don't concider my nipples cracked but more like a chunk is missing.  So, I guess you could say I really do feel your pain.  Nipple shields work wonders, too.  I nurse for a few minutes with it then i take it off and let her have me.  It helps me thru the worst of the pain, then it's not so bad.

  • I've been using Lansinoh brand Lanolin that I got for like 8 dollars at Wal-Mart and it has been a huge help.  When I first started using the breast pump my nipples cracked, bled, were dry and sore, and I almost gave up.  The Lanolin worked but it was a long term fix.  I had to apply it after each session for several days before I noticed my nipples begining to heal. 

    Mastitis is another issue that you could be dealing with.  My mother-in-law had mastitis with her third child and even though it's painful and can lead to engorgement it's an inflamation of the breast tissue and does not affect the milk so you can continue to nurse without worrying about making your child sick.

  • My wife used lanolinh (not sure how the name is spelled) when she had a similar issue, but it continued even with that. After speaking with her doctor we learned it was thrush. If you are continueing to experience the problem even after your own attempts to help it you should speak with your doctor as it may be something like thrush or even something entirely different that he or she will be best able to determine.

  • You didn't say if this was a new issue or if you have had it since brith? It could just be teething. Or could just be that your not use to the mouth yet. I would check with your DR as other have said, but check your baby mouth and see if he is getting teeth.