Solids trouble with 18 mo old

  • My daughter has always given difficulty when it's come to eating solids.  Since the beginning she's had to be distracted while eating.  Keeping her attention away from eating.  As of lately, she has been accepting bites and spoons without requiring a distraction; however, randomly, she just chews the food for a long amount of time and just spits out her food.  There have been good days where she'll eat everything and most of the time, bad days, where she'll eat a couple bites and then spit everything out.  She's done this with the same foods she's completely eaten and even new foods.  I am extremely concerned that she is not eating enough per day.  Has anyone had this issue?  Do you have any tips that could help?

  • While I understand your concerns, I have never seen a child not eventually develop more normal eating habits. If you are concerned that she is not getting enough currently to stay healthy, then consult your pediatrician immediately, but it should not be a long-term problem. I hope this helps!