The Right Formula

  • Just wanted to share a frightening experience. As a new mom, everything seems frightening but a smile. I noticed my son (about two months old) was occasionally spotting blood when he would urinate, I took him to the doctor and they did numerous tests on him and could find nothing wrong. I asked the doctor if he could have a milk allergin and the doctor said no, fortunately, I knew someone who's daughter had the same problem and recommended the "Similac Alimentum." Instantly the strong odor and bright yellow urine started to disappear and the bleeding still happens occasionally but not as before. Since then, I have changed doctors and was told that my son has a sensitivity to protein and could still spot occasionally (since he has to have protein to grow) but the formula has made a tremendous difference. Also, The "Alimentum" has helped him with his constipation since the protein is broken down more.

  • Wonderful news! I'm glad he's going to be alright. I know seeing the blood spots must have been very frightening. Have you spoken with the Doctor about the future; will he require a special diet or is it something that he may adjust and grow out of as he gets older?

  • I have spoken to the doctor and Austen should grow out of the protein sensitivity by the time he is a year old, I just have to make sure he does not eat any foods with milk in them.

    The book "What To Expect the First Year" is a great book!!! The sensitivity to protein issue is also in there.

  • I couldn't agree more, both my wife and I read it (more than once) both before and after our daughter's birth. It was a great help for us too. It is good news that he will grow out of it Smile, and I hope to hear more about his progress!!

  • My son was put on Alimentum when he was about 2 months old.

    He had reflux and he would have crying fits for hours after eating, so he got switched to Alimentum. We are switching him to Soy now so I'm hoping the switch goes smoothly.

    Good Luck with your little guy!





    My two month old daughter also has a milk protein allergy. Our baby had blood in her stool, we tried alimentum for several weeks, but the bleeding did not go away.  She progressively got worse wth taking her bottle and crying.  She was very uncomfortable. Now she is on a medical formula made by Abbott called Elecare. It was suggested by a Ped GI specialist. She's been on this formula for 4 days now along with a medicine called Carafate to coat her stomach and intestines due to possible ulcerations from the protein allergy.  She is a different baby now and we hope this formula continues to work. Good luck to you and your baby.










  • We have an appointment next month with a Ped GI specialist to make sure nothing is more serious. Thanks for the med information I will ask about it. Austen has not had any blood for a month now. Keep me updated on your little one's progress.