Let's talk poop!

  • I have a 7 month old who is now eating rice cereal and fruit/veggies regularly.  I am used to her poop being runny or look like brown oatmeal.  Lately her poop has been solid.  Like silly putty.  Is this the start of constipation or is this normal? 

  • This is normal.  Im a mother of three, with my first daughter I have always suffer with her constipations.  There is no such thing as start of constipation.  When your child gets constipated you will just know.  As long as he goes once a day, even if he skips one day its normal.  If in the second day  his stool is very hard and not like clay then he is constipated.  Try giving him water or even a little juice watered down right after each meal.  This will help his/her digestion.

  • Totally normal. Constipation for a formula fed baby is: pain or crying to pass poop, unable to pass poop after 10 minutes of pushing, or no poop for more than three days. Stools generally change when they start eating solids, but it is always best to mention it to the pedi when you go for a check up.

  • Just wait until your little one moves on to more solid foods. Then things get interesting -- and even more stinky. One thing that the books never tell you is the education and obsession you get with poop after the baby's born.

  • I have an 8 months old baby girl. After she started eating vegetables and more, she got very constipated. She's going every 5 days.... Tongue Tied first time it happened the nurse told me to try baby supository, it worked, but not the second time. I'm going tomorrow to the pedi Confused

    I'll Let you know what happended...