Milk production problem.. PL help

  • Hello everyone!!!

        I just joined strongmoms today. I am seeking help from you experienced people. I have confusion and lots of questions going on my mind every second Sad, whether i m producing enough milk or not. I have a 2 weeks old baby girl TAVLEEN. I used manual pump but i could just get 1/2 ounce milk. that makes me worry abt my princess if she is getting enough. I knew many moms who have milk leakage i dont leak milk. Its sometime very frustating that what kind of mom i am if cant even feed my baby well.. 

           Please someone help me!!!

  • hi hazoor!

    First-- I want to say.. you are not a terrible mom.  MANY first time mom--myself included--have gone thru the same thing you are going thru now.  It was only 6 months ago that I was in your situation.  I was not able to produce enough milk on my own, and the feeling of frustration and my own fear for the welfare of my baby girl was overwhelming. 

    I spoke with a breastfeeding consultant and came to the realization that it was not my lack of trying or what I was doing-- it just was a combination of me and what my baby girl was doing in regards to the breastfeeding process.

    I finally came into a conclusion that I need supplment feeding.  I supplment my milk with similac milk.  It took a week of of doing that before my baby girl started to gain instead of lose weight.  At that point.. it didn't matter to me that I couldn't breastfeed my baby alone.  I tried everything---but it all came down to the health of myself and my baby girl.

    There's no answer to why I was not able to-- my mom did and had no problem.  And on my next child I will try again.  It's not your fault--- do what is right for your baby girl....and if it's supplment... it is what it is.  I hope my reply helps... it's hard to think you are the only one going thru this--know that you ARE not ALONE..and there are several out there going thru the same thing you are right now.

    Best of luck!!  Take care of yourself!

    - T

  • Welcome! Manual pumps are super tough to use unless you have a abundance of milk. Most women do not get very much with them. Even a really good electric pump takes time and practice to use. Look at pees and poops. She should have a wet for every feeding or at least 6 a day. She should also have lots of yellow, seedy poops. If she has those, she is getting enough. If she doesn't, call the doctor. Also, she should be gaining weight and not losing at this point. Her soft spot on her head should be level and not sunken in. Not all women leak. Some women make just enough milk for their baby. Drink lots of fluids, rest, and nurse as much as possible. Someone on this board mentioned a nursing vacation. I think that is the best idea ever. Just throw some movies on to watch and lie in bed with your baby and nurse all day.. You will both get the rest you need and your supply will increase.

  • hey thanks both of you...  i am relaxed a bit now otherwise could even get out of these things.. Thanks once again