Bottle Nipples

  • My daughter will be 1 month on the 25th of August. She is bottle fed. My question is about about bottle nipples is it normal for the nipple to collapse when she is eating, its like she is sucking hard, does that mean she needs a different kind? I am using Dr. Browns nipples level one, its a slow flow i really dont think she needs fast flow but not sure, anyone else experience this?!? Also this just started happing 2days ago

  • YES!!  My daughter did the same thing and I found out that the flow was too slow so I had to drive all over God's creation looking for medium flow because the fast was tooo fast.  I was using Playtex drop in system though and I don't know if that makes a difference or not.

  • That's a good question. My son is 6 weeks today and we are still on level 1 of Dr. Brown's. I'm wondering when we are supposed to move to level 2. Hopefully someone has an answer!

  • My son is 12 weeks and is still on the level 1 nipples for Dr. Brown bottles. I was just doing some research and it seems that the level 2 nipples are for 3 months and older. I'm thinking i'm going to have to move up to them because he has started acting like he doesn't want all of his bottles sometimes. I was thinking it might be thats it not coming out fast enough for him and he is getting frustrated.

  • My daughter is two months old and she is also collapsing the nipple's that are level one. I havent thought about changing to a higher flow to fix it becose she is lurning that if she lets go for a second she can start geting the good flow of milk agen. I think its realy cool that shes lurning so fast and who knows what elce this could help her lurn.