Bottle Nipples

  • I need some help, I will be a first time mom, due Jan.30. I plan to breast feed so I need to know what bottle nipples are closest to breast nipple. Please help. Jessica

  • I had the same worries with my daughter when she was born, I found with her that the nipples on the playtex drop in bottles were the closest to a natural nipple and plus you get to throw the dirty bottle mess away when your babys done and trust me as a first time mom you will totally appreciate less dishes and things like that the nipples are dish washer safe and thay are the only part you have to clean except the ring that holds it in place! totally awesome!!!!Wink hope I helped you a little bit.(you can also just go to walmart and look at the nipples they have for bottles and see which ones you think look most like a natural nipple but just because the package says its like a natural one doesent mean it is I totally dont recomend the parents choice brand they clog and will definentley confuse the baby if you blan to breastfeed.

  • I too breast feed & now incorporate some formula for feedings.  The lactation nurse recommended the PLAYTEX VENT AIR "WIDE" nipples (slow flow for the first few months, we're at 6 months & its still good for baby.)  They have been WONDERFUL!  I have tried a few other brands too, however, the vent air brand also helps a TON in REDUCING gassiness when the baby eats (helping me stay more relaxed & able to get more rest!)  Hands down a great investment!

  • You could try the Adiri nurser.  It's shaped like a breast.  My advice to you is to introduce the bottle after bf'ing has been well established, but not too late.  They say about 4-6 weeks.  I waited too long and my son would not take a bottle or paci for anything!!  Good luck.

  • We use the dr pround WIDE NECK... they are fat and are  close to feeling like a nipple for the baby Its bout the only bottle dd likes.

  • It will likely be trial and error to find something that your baby likes.  We just bought one each of a few different types of bottle/nipple combinations (rather than buying a whole bunch of one type).

    What's as important (or more important) is the WAY you feed the baby from the bottle.  Try googling "paced feeding" or "bottlefeeding a breastfed baby."  You may find some helpful information that way.

    Good luck, momma.