• My daughter is 7 weeks old and still wont latch onto her bottles. we started out breastfeeding and she didnt latch onto the breast. So i switched to bottles and she wont take them either. Any ideas?

  • I don't think that there's a "latch" involved with bottlefeeding.  However, babies often develop a nipple preference.  So, if she's used to the breast, it may take some time for her to get used to bottle nipples.

    You can try different bottle nipples--like the ones that are supposed to be more like the breast.  There are some that are wider and have some texture to them.  Also, you can try distracting the baby while you feed her--walk, talk, etc.

    It took time and patience for our breastfed baby to accept the bottle.  However, there isn't any technique like a "proper latch" to worry about.

  • I have tried several different types; dr browns, nuk, mam, playtex wide vent aire, and avent... all with varying results. She has been on bottles since she was 4 days old, she wouldnt latch onto the breast and I gave up trying pretty quickly, so thats why Im alttle frustrated and concerned of why she still hasnt learned to eat.
  • When you say your daughter hasn't learned to eat, do you mean she will only suck a few times on the bottle and then stop? Sounds like you have tried just about every nipple out there! Are you using the right sized nipple hole for her? A large nipple hole can let too much milk out and cause the baby to gag and not be able to handle the amount of milk coming out. If she does not eat well and is not gaining weight appropriately, I would talk to your pediatrician and even ask for a consult with an Occupational Therapist/Speech Therapist. They can help evaluate feeing issues with your daughter and give you some good tips and techniques to try with her. Good luck!
  • I agree...there may be something else going on here. Babies can be toungue tied...or have reflux which can prevent them from eating well. Talk to your doctor and have them do a thorough evaluation for you..good luck!

  • Is she gaining weight & healthy?  That would be my 1st concern.....I agree with the other comments about talking to a doctor because she could have a tongue issue or something called "failure to thrive."