• i have a 6 month old son who is very healthy and growing good.. -he is 17 lbs an 26 an a half inches long..  i am breastfeeding him an he has been eating cereal and baby food since he was 4 months..

    here lately i have noticed that he either wants one or the other.. like if i breastfeed him real early he wont want to eat his cereal till later in the day and vice versa..

    so i am wondering should i be offering one before the other?

    i know "breast is best" and i need to always offer his milk but i also know that he needs his other nutrients from other sourses as well...

    another question how much water an juice should i be giving him?

    is it necessary to make sure he gets his juice? i mix it with his cereal but other than that i dont give him much of it if at all.... 


  • Best to consult your pediatrician since he/she has a complete view of your infant's health and growth.

  • It isn't necessary to give him juice. It is better for him to get his fruits from food. You can mix his cereal with breastmilk if you would like or you can keep using fruit juice. It also isn't required that you give him water. Breastmilk is largely made up of water (I think about 90%).

    Check with your pediatrician about how he/she wants you to do feedings, but I was always told to offer the breastmilk first, wait a bit, then offer meals. If you offer them within a few minutes of each other, it can increase the chances of him not wanting what you offer second.

  • Definitely talk to your pedi about these concerns. She'll be best to guide you. That said, keep in mind that your baby will often guide you toward his needs. Usually, as long as he's not losing weight and maintaining his pattern of growth, a child is thriving. My feeling is that as long as your pedi is happy with his growth and health, you're doing just fine.

  • Thanks! My pedi said he is growing great and I need to just do what i've been doing..  LOL   New mommy worries I guess! I thought he was geting enough water through the breastmilk and didn't think it was nessasary to give him more, but I do still offer it to him some   just to let him have a taste..   Thanx tons!