Vigorous Eater

  • Hi, all.  I'm a first-time mom new to the boards.  My son is an extremely vigorous eater and I was hoping for some tips on how to slow him down.  I am breastfeeding and bottle feeding (both expressed milk and formula) and he gulps down when he's at the breast and from the bottle.  This causes him to spit up a lot.  When I try to burp him he gets extremely worked up and fusses until I put him back at the breast or give him the bottle.  He's only 4 wks and he touches the bottle like he's saying 'don't take it away!' I'd also like to add that when he wakes up I change his diaper, which annoys him a lot, so by the time I start feeding him he's already agitated from the diaper change and I'm thinking this makes him gulp down the milk.  If I leave his diaper change until AFTER the feeding, he's already asleep and I don't want to wake him up.  Any tips or suggestions?  TIA

  • I have to laugh at a four month old who tries to keep the bottle from being taken out of his mouth. Big Smile He knows what he wants!

    Some babies are all business when it comes to eating. They want to get in, eat fast, and be done. There isn't much you can do to make him eat slower, with the exception of choosing a nipple that flows slower. Of course, with the breast you can't do that. You can however, express a little bit of milk before you feed him to slow down your flow just a bit.

    You might try comforting him after the diaper change and then feed once he is calm. If you dress him in a gown you might even be able to change him after feedings without waking him.

  • I'm not going to lie, with my daughter food comes before diapers. We'll often give her breakfast before changing her diaper - seems to actually help because she doesnt fight as much on a full stomach. If your child is happy eating I say fill him up first, and as for burping our daughter quickly learned to take care of herself there so if he doesnt seem to be in serious need of a pat on the back I'd let him do it for you Wink.

  • I had this issue with my younger daughter. She'd spit up all the time because she swallowed too much air from crying or drinking her bottles too fast. We had to try a bunch of different types of bottles and nipples before we found one that worked -- or I should say created the least amount of spitting up. We were never really able to eliminate the problem completely.

    The best we could do was to massage her belly and keep her as upright as possible after she ate (even if she was sleep) to let her stomach settle. We found that putting her back down right after eating made it worse.

    I don't think there's anything wrong with waiting on the diaper change. If he's concked out after eating, he'll conck out again after the diaper change. And it's very common for babies not to like getting their diaper changed. Heck, my 2-year-old still doesn't like it!