My baby will not eat solids

  • My son is eleven months old, and he wants nothing to do with solid foods.  He will eat stage 2 baby food, but nothing with any texture.  He already has 7 teeth, with which he loves to crunch a Cheerio or Rice Krispie, but then he drools it out of his mouth.  If something chunky makes it into the back of his mouth, he gags on it until he throws up.  I mentioned this to his doc the other day, and he didn't seem concerned, but I'm worried that when he starts school, he'll have his bottle in his back pack and eat his lunch out of a Gerber jar!

  • First, you are not alone. This was posted just the other day: . I promise your baby will not go to school eating out of a jar. LOL. I have a friend whose daughters were all just like your son. She fed them baby food for so long that she was feeding several large jars per sitting. We all had a good laugh about it. The are older now and all eat tablefood. The bright side is that you always have something healthy on hand that you know he will eat. Big Smile

  • I wouldnt worry, if there's one thing I've learned so far its "new" is good in a childs mind. New foods - with new flavors and textures will soon draw him in and he'll forget all about boring old gerber jars. Just keep offering him new stuff to try and he'll catch on soon enough Smile.

  • I would just keep trying until he catches on. It could be that he needs some time to adjust to the new textures. It could also be that he's not ready to integrate more solid food into his diet. Either way, you're not doing any harm by continuing with the second foods and offering the more textured ones as well. He'll get there when he's ready.