Rice Cereal

  • AT what age can you start using rice cereal in thier formula?  It has been suggested to us several times to try rice cereal in the formula, just at night, to see if the baby will sleep longer and more content.  but we always get controvsey on what age.  Some moms have said not until 6 months old.  Other mom have told us they did at at two months of age.  Advise??

  • This is a personal decision for you and your pediatrician to decide together. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends only formula or breastmilk for the first 6 months of life. Some pediatricians will introduce solids (rice cereal counts) at 4-6 months and some even earlier if they are treating a problem such as reflux. Many parents are told that cereal added to a bottle will make their baby sleep longer, but this is not true. It might even lead to tummy trouble and constipation if you little one's digestive system isn't ready for it. I hope this helps and that you are able to find the right answer for you and your baby. Let us know what you decide!

  • Doctors know best, but parents have a pretty good clue too. With our daughter we followed the "guidelines" but only so far as we realized they were practical for her. With rice cereal we introduced it at about 3 months. Our daughter was hungry all the time and milk wasn't enough for her so we tried a little bit at first, and after seeing she could both eat it and didn't have any digestive problems we introduced more over time. If you think yours may be ready but are worried, consult a doctor but dont be afraid to try small steps if you feel your child is ready.

  • We never put it in his bottle, but my baby had reflux and he got to start rice cereal at 4 months of age.


  • my doc started my girl at 2 weeks with one tablespoon in 2 ozs at night. she does sleep longer and i've had no problems with her tummy. she's a month old and sleeps the entire night 8 hours on one 4 oz bottle with 2 table spoons of rice. if i'm out of rice she only sleeps 4 hours

  • i started putting cereal in her bottle at about 3 months and it helped a little but now that shes teething nothing helps, i think it really depends on the child.

  • Shorty_Suger08, have you tried giving her other foods to eat? For instance with our daughter we moved from rice cereal to these gerber (and later found walmart makes a knock off that she loves and cost much less) "puffs". Not only did they make excellent snacks for her but she also loved to chew on them when she was teething.

  • she loves first foods, i am doing earths best tho, i wanted to do organic and they give a lot more of a verity, she loves gerber graduates bitter biscutis, there ment for older babys but she can't get chunks off and they just melt in her mouth, only downfall there very very messy but i put her in just a diaper and in her high chair and it works great, it also intertains her while i do house work as long as i stay in the same room. i haven't tryed the puffs yet i have looked at them i have just been scared shes going to choke on them.

  • It is probably okay to try them, we gave our daughter just one at a time to be safe but they melt in the mouth (if they dont get chew up first) also and as soon as she got the hang of them she was gobbling them up left and right.

  • I totally agree with you on the organic foods. There is so much more variety and the price difference isn't all that much! I wonder why?

  • i got some puffs when i was at the store last night, she dosn't know what to think of them yet she makes really funny faces its new flavors and a new texture so it will probley take time she hasnt choked or anything yet tho. With the organic food earths best is actualy cheaper i pay 54 cents a jar (at target) for it and its 59 cents for gerber (also at target), its not much but it adds up. it makes me wonder how much the mark up on baby food really is?

  • I can't wait to hear how she likes them!

    I do remember someone once told me the item with the highest markup in the grocery store was the produce. Sorta makes sense I guess, after all growing food only takes a seed - and those are free once you buy the first one right? Even with workers, shipping, and storage I bet they still make a decent turn of profit from fresh foods. Still, everyone's gotta eat right Wink

  • My doctor told me that i could start ceral when he is 4 months which is in 2 weeks.  However he didnt tell me to put it in the bottle he said to actually feed him from a spoon and to give it to him in the morning for breakfast.

  • I have a 14 week old daughter who seems to be hungry all the time. At her 2 month old visit, I asked the pedi about starting her on a little rice because she was starting to take her bottles closer and closer together. She was taking 5 oz every 3 hours. The pedi suggested I increase the formula by an ounce. Well, my 14 week old daughter is 17.5 pounds and about 26-27 inches long.

    Now my daughter is trying to take bottles every 2 and half to 3 hours. I decreased her bottles to 5 ounces per feeding and started giving her a little rice cereal. I am going to take her to the pedi before her 4 month visit to get some advice, but I forsee my go by  the book pedi telling me that I have to wait longer.

    This is my first baby, so I am new at this. I am worried that my daughter is too big! I do feel a little better knowing that her height is increasing just as much. I am also a little frustrated with my pedi.

    Has anyone else had this problem??



  • i have had a lot of problems with pedi. when i went in last time i wanted to talk about her formula and possibly change it because of her spitting up. i had done my resurch, knew about the pros and cons of all the formulas, all i said was i have been looking at the sensitive RS and he said ok walked out got me some samples and that was the end of the conversation. luckly our clinic will let you see any doctor in the clinic u want so i dont plan on seeing him again but i have already seen 3 of them and dont like any i still have 4 more.