baby food, what order?

  • I'm trying to decide what order to introduce baby foods. What has worked well for other moms/dads? I do rice cereal and oatmeal right now, but where should I go from here? Any suggestions?

  • I would just work your way through the cereals, introducing one every several days and then start with either fruit or veggies if your baby is old enough. I really like . There is a good reference there for order of introduction. Ultimately, it is really up to you and what you prefer.

  • I went with fruits first with both my girls. They seemed more palatable and easier to digest. They also blend well with cereal.

  • Everything I've read has said to space each food out by a few days so if your baby has an allergic reaction you know which food caused it.  Also, I've been told to introduce them rice cereal, oatmeal, veggies, mixed veggies, fruits, and finally mixed fruits.  The reason for this is because if your baby really likes fruits they may not eat veggies because they are used to the sweets!  Hope this helps!

  • Hi, our pediatrician said cereals (like I see you're doing), then fruits/veges, then meats.  I agree with other posts that you probably want to include the veges early (not just fruits first as child may then reject the less-sweet veges later). 

    I had three specific problems that I fixed as follows:

    1. my baby wouldn't take peas or beans early on.  Solved this from my sis-in-law, who said the best fruits and veges to start with are the yellow and orange ones (but not citrus though), like squash, peaches, apricots, sweet potato, carrots etc, as they tend to be easier on the baby.  So I just ignored the 'stage 1, stage 2' things and went just by food color.

    2.  If introducing a new food that wasn't liked, instead of totally mixing it with something else (although it's a good last resort), I'd put a previously accepted food in one side of the bowl, and the new food on the other (it's OK if they touch in the middle), then start feeding with the accepted food, then give a spoonful of the new food, if that is rejected then mix just a little bit using the middle of the bowl, feed that, then repeat from the beginning (or experiment with different ratios of mixing) - kinda like an artists palette! - hopefully you will successfully introduce a spoonful of mostly the new food by the end of that feeding.  In any case, this approach lets you adjust as you go along during the feed.

    3.  If a food wasn't accepted after the mixing idea above, I wouldn't push the issue then and there but I'd re-introduce the food a week or two down the track, as it can take several occasions of tasting for them to accept new foods (this is what happened to my baby with the peas).  My sis-in-law said for me not to give up and automatically assume that the baby 'didn't like' a particular food (which is what I'd probably have done if she hadn't told me that!), and now we both have good eaters.

    Hope this helps!  Good luck!


  • When my doctor told me to introduce solids he told me to start with rice and oatmeal cereal and then move on to the yellow vegatables then the green veggies then the fruits and after that he told me to move on to 2nd foods. She did really well with that. But i would ask your pediatritian first since most doctors are a little different. A little advice though when you introduce a new food feed the baby that new food for about 3 days to see if there will be any allergic reactions like a rash. diahrea, excessive spiting up. stuff like that. I found out the hard way that my baby girl was allergic to peaches i feed them to her and about 6 hours later the poor dear had a rash all over her face and belly. She looked at me like " excuse me were you trying to poisen me or feed me. I had no idea. lol

  • I did rice and now oatmeal then yellow ,then green foods then fruits but never intoduce the same foods in the same the time he is 6 mo.s he should be on all baby jar food .of couse my dr recomended this and I did it with my other 2 boys and it worked out great! good luck!

  • I did the rice cereal and oatmeal first and followed with carrots, sweet potatoes, then green veggies, fruits, and meats last. 

    However, the latest issue of Parents magazine has some different suggestions.  It says that rice cereal isn't likely to cause an allergic reaction, but that there's no reason why you couldn't start on applesauce or pureed meat instead.  It also claims that there is no evidence that babies won't like veggies if they have fruit first so it suggests those in whichever order you want.  It says that babies who eat meat earlier get more zinc and iron which are important for growth and suggests pureed chicken. 

    Some of this makes sense to me, mainly the part about the meat and growth, but I'm not sure I agree with the rest.  I guess it just goes to show that things are always changing in the wonderful world of parenting.  I'd suggest going for the sweet potatoes, squash, and carrots next, but that's just my opinion.  Also, like others have said (the magazine too) space out the new foods that you give your baby by at least 2-3 days.  That way if there is an allergic reaction you're likely to know what caused it.  And if your baby rejects a food on the first couple tries don't give up.  Sometimes it takes them while before they "learn" to like the varieties you're trying.  My daughter ate everything including spinach.  Good luck and let us know what works for you!