How do you get your baby on a feeding schedule?

  • So many moms struggle with getting their baby’s on a feeding schedule. Feeding schedules can help both babies and moms adjust during those first few months. How did you get your baby on a feeding schedule? Did it work? What advice would you give a new mom?

  • I didn't use a schedule.  Since our baby is an only child (so far), I didn't have to worry about attending to other children.  So I was able to follow the recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics and lactation consultants:  I breastfed whenever our baby showed any signs of hunger (sucking her fist, rooting,etc.)


    I offered her the breast ALL the time...even when I wasn't sure she was hungry.


    I don't know how it will work with our next one.   I may not have the time to nurse "on demand."

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    Im new in this website, Im 10w3d pregnant and Im expecting triplets, Id like to know how can I breasfeed my three babies when they are here with me?..I think it is too early to for me to worry about it but im that kind of person that like to research for all, so is there any woman who know how can i feed my babies to send me information about this, please...IrjasYes

  • Most likely, you'll do great!

    Have you been to a La Leche League meeting yet?  Those meetings are a great resource for pregnant moms to prepare.

    Also, I wonder if there's a moms of multiples group in your area that can steer you in the right direction.

  • Definitely take advantage of any lactation support your hospital offers.  At my hospital, there was free use of the onsite lactation consultant while in the hospital and then appointments available after I was home.  Don't get discouraged, especially if you end up having to leave your babies at the hosptial.  Hospitals and doctors like for babies, especially those in the NICU to eat measured amounts (think bottle).  You may feel pressured to give up, but don't.  Once those first few months are behind you, you'll be thankful you stuck with it. 

  • I found a feed, wake, then sleep cycle worked best to extend time between feedings.  It's really hard to wake a drowsy newborn, but it's worth it.  Long term, I've found that I have kids that are great sleepers, too because they never get in the habit of nursing to fall asleep. 

  • thank you for your advices...Big Smile

  • I found that in order to get a feeding schedule, we first had to get a sleeping schedule. We put our baby down for naps at the same time each day (these were times he generally started to get sleepy, or fall asleep in the bouncer -we just encouraged what he was already doing). Then, after getting up, he was usually hungry. By establishing a little routine in his life, the rest seemed to fall into place. Plus, he started to sleep through the nights more!

  • I put my babies on schedules just as soon as they learn how to read clocks — i.e., never. Babies' bellies are tiny and they are still developing. They need to eat when they need to eat.

    Even as adults we don't schedule our feedings. Sure we (in this culture anyway) tend to eat three meals a day at roughly the same times for convenience, but when we're hungry for a little snack we don't check the clock to see if it's time. Let's teach our children to trust their bodies too.

  • Irjas, you're doing a wonderful thing by planning ahead for your babies to be here. First, congratulations! I second the previous poster's idea to contact the nearest La Leche League Group. Find them at If you don't see a Group listed in your area, call the nearest one anyway and ask if there's anything closer. Sometimes they're not listed. A Leader anywhere can offer you support and encouragement. Some more resources:

    • The book "Mothering Multiples." It's all about breastfeeding multiple babies!
    • On the La Leche League web site, look for the Mother-to-Mother Forums. There's a special section just for mothers of multiples. I imagine you'd get lots of practical tips there. (Whereas on a formula manufacturer's site even when they say breast is best, the bent is still toward formula vs. breastfeeding.)
    • has forums as well, and you'll find mothers with multiples there too.

    How exciting that you have three new babies to love coming! Best wishes for a happy and healthy pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding.

  • "I put my babies on schedules just as soon as they learn how to read clocks — i.e., never."

    That's so clever & so true!!!  Do you mind if I steal it?

  • Of course, APmomma!